Bombers by 14!

Milt Stegall will not be denied. A fairy tale ending to his career catching two touchdowns from a rook in a win.

I must say, anyone owning a fine dining establishment in Toronto may as well take the week off. No, Riders fans, I'm not talking about Denny's or Humpty's or the local Husky Restaurant.

Winnipeg's D looks as solid as the stools of the last Riders Grey cup team and Charles Roberts is running faster than the Pilsner taps in the Regina pubs sunday night.

P.S. How do I get one of those Bombers logo things?

We will se how good the Bomber defence is come Sunday, I hope they enjoy being on the field all day, can you say SACK by Chick! Sack by Perry you get the message? 2 and out 2 and out. Riders take it by 10 points


hope you have fun thinking that way 23. more like 5 yards blink, complete ryan, 1st down until endzone, remember that our oline is the top this year only allowing 27 all year. and my d on the field all day, only afer my team hits the endzone against your b grade db's

Footballmad are you seeing a plane? must be cause your on Fantasy Island Bombers are in for a Roughride my son a very Roughride. Rider Defence will eat Dinwitte alive i can hardly wait to see Blue Berry panicing on the sidelines, maybe Kahari Jones is available? Riders by 10

Bombers by 14? You just don’t learn, do you?

I expect a great game.

For anyone who

Esky is now paying 5 to 1 Winnipeg

don't count the Bombers out- I think they could win. Riders will have to be at their best!!!!!!!!!!!

Swervin your the best man!!!!!
I will continue my losing ways and say Saskatchewan. So their gauranteed to lose look at my record Im never right. Bet the farm on it boys.(rather a fitting thing to say with these 2 provinces) lol

Alberta has more farms than us :frowning:

23 the only plane i saw was this years CFL champs leaving the winnipeg airforce. I ain't got no fantasy island just the real ground with more the wheat and barley. and to say a 14 point victory is unrealistic. I believe i made an earlier post calling 18-12 victory to the bombers. i see this game being a good defensive battle because it is defence that wins championship. i don;t see any team landing 20 points and think that it will be within 7 points for the winning team. Maybe even a TW field goal.

You'd have to a blind optimist or just plain wasted to declare the Bombers 14 pt. favourites. The Bombers lost Kevin Glenn and an untested rookie is taking his place in the most important game of the year. If we still had Glenn, I'd put Bombers as 7.5pt favourites, but without Glenn, the Riders have to be 10.5 pt favourites. I'll watch, but I'm not overly optimistic.

Championships in football are one game affairs... clearly defence wont win anything as you have to score to win.


Luckly we have a high calibur offense.

Im sure everyone will elevate their gameplay so Dinwiddie has an easier time.

When in doubt, hand it to Roberts.

Sacks shouldnt come as easy as against BC, you wont have that replacement of a replacement on the O line to exploit.

Hey Swervin and BobbyP, the BB must be mad that the Riders won out over the Lions. Since the Riders completely crushed, destroyed and made BC look like pussycats, they obviously would be prohibitive favourites IF the Lions were playing. I believe that it will be a good game though and that the BB can win if the Riders play like they did in Winnipeg. If the Riders come to play though, no one will beat them!

All the talk in the media is about Austin the great coach. And how great Tillman is, and the Riders this and that. Nothing about the Bombers. We see no talk about coach Berry. We will see what happens.

Might have something to do with you guys handing first place to Toronto. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be because Berry has had a chance to build his team and the Bombers were expected to challenge while most media types expected the Riders to suck in Austin's first year with all the changes.