Bombers Bring In Bellefeuille

WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers confirmed this morning they have added former Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille to their offensive coaching staff.

It had been speculated on the weekend that the CFL club would name Bellefeuille a consultant to help their struggling offence.

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Also hearing Max Hall will start this week. Wow

Kicker Sandy de Angelis worked out after practice today in Winnipeg. Happy for Bellefeuille on his hiring by the Bombers

I miss him in the green n white however given Milos inability to miss I'm not that sad about it

They should make him OC.

They should make him HC


A middle of the pack former OC brought in to fix the Offense in Winnipeg. He'll likely be better than Crowton, but he's no saviour. He had a fairly unimaginative offense during his time in Saskatchewan.

First down run scree pass first down run screen pass if that fails repeat

Just saw the piece on TSN about the QB situation.
Goltz and Pierce are both pissed and blame management for mishandling their situation.
Until the team cleans house with the HC, right down this remains a train wreck.
No doubt Bellefeuille may have been hired with the HC position in mind either this year or next.

The situation is just weird right now. I've never seen a team where the HC says that he has nothing to do with who the starting QB is and seems totally oblivious to what's going on. The QBs don't know who is calling the shots. Even Max Hall didn't seem to know who promoted him.

It's a circus in the management right now.

found this promotional video,put out by the Bomber Management Team!!!! :lol:

And the head coach of the bombers 2014 will be.... you guessed it. Might even happen in the last part of 2013. He can protect his team during the expansion draft.

so hall starting now.... Why not just bring back bishop. one thing that's frustrating in the cfl is teams always need instant success be nice if a team would actually give a young qb the ball for the season and give a chance to fail.

Marcel Bellefeuille is a class act, and he turned the very poor Ti-Cats into a respectable team. He might not have got them over the hump, but hindsight leads me to think Bellfeuille would have kept improving and eventually made it to the cup.

Either way, it's the coach Winnipeg needs. They just need to be careful, as he's also the coach Ottawa needs.

That's why I don't understand Marcel signing up for this current mess.
Unless he was convinced or signed to a long term contract with the promise of a HC position no later than next year.

Probably. Winnipeg Changes Coaches every two years whether they need it or not. :roll: Lets see since Doug Berry took them to the Grey Cup 2007...Mike Kelly, Paul Lapolice, Tim Burke, Marcel Bellefeuille, Yup, math works.

...I will argue MadJack gets propriety rights to the phrase 'It's Bizarre' when the Bombers adopt it as their 2014 marketing slogan...

And the search play out of the shotgun. :roll:

Actually the plays themselves are fine, it's the fact that he keeps calling it over and over and over as much as it always gets stuffed and is too stubborn to change it up.

I like Marcel, but not as a playcaller. Drove me NUTS back in '05/06 whenever it was.

I'm a big Bellefeuille fan, I hated the way he was dumped in here in Hamilton. Burke is probably looking over his shoulder right now...

Good to hear that Marcel will be back on the sidelines in the CFL again - sure hope he can help improve the fortunes of the Bombers. Welcome back, Marcel!