Bombers bring in $7.1M from Grey Cup

Hopefully Hamilton will get their turn soon.

[b]WINNIPEG — The 103rd Grey Cup was a profitable success for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Winnipeg Football Club announced Monday that the game and festival brought in $7.1 million in net profits.

“The profits were aligned with our original projected targets for the Winnipeg Football Club,? said Wade Miller, president of the Club.

The profits from the November 2015 Grey Cup were more than double than the last time Winnipeg hosted the event. The club made $3.2 million hosting the 94th Grey Cup in 2006.

The Bombers already paid $1.5 million of the Grey Cup profits to Triple B Stadium Inc., for stadium improvement to Investors Group Field.

“The remaining $5.6 million of profits forms part of the Club’s long-range plan to provide financial stability going forward,? said the Bombers in a release.

According to the Bombers, the game and the week-long celebration leading up to it brought in $80 million for the city.[/b]

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That's a nice chunk of change for the city of Winnipeg and the team.

I wonder if Hamilton can duplicate that if and when we get a chance

To host a Grey Cup.

I hope as well Hamilton gets its chance to host a G.C. But it is somewhat strange to me why the city /region /team has not made a bid.
As the bid has not happened (not even sure a committee has been formed yet ) that tells me there is underlying deficiencies that is preventing a run at hosting at this point in time.
I suppose we will never know what the holdup is . We could ask Jeffery Orridge , if we could find him.

Bob Young and the Ticats deserve $7.1 million !! that would go a long way towards his 10 years of losses.
I think the costs for the Ticats and city would be higher than Winnipegs because of the need for the temporary stands to accommodate another 10k fans.
The benefit to the city would be nowhere near what other cities receive and that's because of the lack of hotels and restaurants in the city.
Of course the few hotels that are in the city would do well for that weekend.

Actually, Bombers profit is over 11 million in 2015 , if regular season profits are included .

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