Bombers Brass- Trade a DB for MAAS-

I am sure if you contact Edmonton Eskimos they would be willling to trade Jason MAAS giving WInnipeg a real good QB..

Edmonton has issues with pass rush and also with Defenders. Winnipeg being deep in the db's area, I think you can land Jason MAAS for a good DB. Will be tough to lose a good Db but to get MAAS i think it may be worth it for you--

I would put the heat on WInnipeg to make this trade..

Perhaps Shabbaz back for Maas--

James Johnson for Maas

javon johnson for Maas

Heffny for Maas--

It is a tough to give a good DB, but for MAAS i think its worth it..

Are you joking? Maas showed in Hamilton that he isn't a good starting QB. He certainly isn't worth any of the players you mentioned.

That was Hamilton come on, Printers sucked there also and Hamilton was bad for 5 years straight. NO QB was good in hamilton until this year---

Maas still has it I think. Judging him by his hamilton days is unfair.

He had a couple of impressive years as a starter in Edmonton but that last one was 2004. He certainly didn't impress as a starter in Hamilton. He also hasn't played much since the trade to Montreal and his return to Edmonton so there really isn't much choice but to judge him by his Hamilton days.

I think ppl would give them the same amount of heat if they made anyone of those trades.The only way I would go after him is if he was a free agent or give up a draft pick,I would not give up those guys for another soon to be 34 year old backup.

That`s right! You said I did not, Maas and Printers both sucked in Hamilton.

And Winnipeg sucks now so what exactly do you think will be different from his performance in Hamilton?

Of all the available QBs , Bishop was the one that many a club would have turned to due to injury , if Bombers had not called him, he probably would have received a call from another team. MAAS is not a bad QB, I rooted for him in Hamilton, heck I rooted for all the QBs in Hamilton. Kahari(sp) Jones I thought was better than Glenn, but Glenn is looking very good in Hamilton now. I would agree that it`s not the same team as the last 2 years, so I would not dump on MAAS.

I doubt Maas would want to come to Bombers? I mean how many times can he get his job back in Edmonton.

Bishop is a great QB, give him time. We may never see his best if he does not lead the team to victory this week! I think we will see Bish at his best this week, but it may have to be in spite of the Kelly offense

id rather call casey printers and develope him on our pr then trade one those guys for maas...

If I was running Winnipeg, there's no way I would trade Hefney or Shabazz for anyone. I might trade one of the Johnsons, but it would take more than an offer of Jason Maas straight up to make me pull the trigger.

Maas blows. Even when they put him in in Edmonton he stinks up the joint. He wouldn't help Winnipeg any.

Get serious.....I wouldn't trade a bag of ball tees for Maas....the guys shoulder is toast...he's one solid hit from the ir....and according to Ron Lancaster...(who knew qbs, real well) his days as a qb. are numbered...Shabazz for your talking... :wink:

LOL that'd be a good trade for ya :stuck_out_tongue: or Shabazz and 2 first rounders for AC :slight_smile:

Maas dosen't have the Cahons to be a starting QB. Leave him carrying a Clipboard in Edmonton. When a QB would rather not play and hold a clippboard instead of leading he's not the real deal. The only guy the Bombers should go after if he hits free agency is Adrian MCpherson but I think the Riders, Argos, Lions and Stamps will make a play.

The Riders are already carrying 5 QBs. Would they really go after another?

Tillman admitted he regretted trading his rights to the Als and Durant is no world beater...

I think Blue Blood's point is accurate. The RIders have 5 QBs. . . unless they are really dying for a guy who is brilliant on 3rd and 1, they won't bother making a play for McPherson. . . and so far in 2 seasons of regular season play, that's all anyone has seen of McPherson.

Durant may not be a world beater, yet, but he's ahead of Pierce, Jackson, LeFors, Pickett, and Porter on the learning curve