Bombers boot Grigsby released outright !!!

wow!!!! Looks like the Bombers off season house cleaning has begun early,it will be interesting if he winds up elsewhere with another team for the stretch drive to the play-offs. I know that with Gable gone and Madu now injured,I wouldn't mind seeing Grigsby in a Ti-Cat uniform for the last 4 games and the playoff run.I'm sure he won't be unemployed for long.

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this is surprising as Grigsby currently sits 4th in rushing and 1st in receiving of all CFL backs.
nothing wrong with getting rid of dead wood, although Grigsby was one of the bright spots for the Bombers this season.

perhaps there was a personality conflict with coaches...who knows..

and agreed bobo, with the Cats current injuries in the backfield, Grigsby would be a welcome addition.

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Just picked him up on my fantasy team for the playoffs....I hope he signs soon, lol!!!!

Says in his tweet that he asked to be released.

Grigsby also led the league in TD's as well...

hmm... wonder if he is he looking for an NFL opportunity here?

So far, Saskatchewan has signed every running back that has come available this year.

I'm no expert on fantasy teams ... but wouldn't it be better to focus on players from teams that are expected to make the playoffs?

That must be the main reason. I thought he looked like a real find for the Bombers early in the Season.

Not an example Jonathan Williams scored a ton of fantasy points a few weeks back and he is with Ottawa. So it doesn't matter who Grigsby signs with, so long as he does well...but it would probably help if he signed with a contender.

People keep looking at his total yards like he was blowing the league away, but the main reason why he's near the top of the charts in rushing is because of volume - the gave him a lot of touches running and catching the ball. Cornish has around 70 yards more in about 60 fewer carries. Anthony Allen, who's played behind Ford and Messam with the Riders has over 100 yards more in 6 fewer total carries. Aside from Whitaker he has the lowest average per carry. He's struggled running the ball up the middle, partly to blame on the Oline of course but also to blame is his tendency to approach the line shuffling his feet instead of attack running up the middle. He was also quite good in space but was more often than not brought down on initial contact. He was a decent back that could've gotten better but by no means was he an all star.

Evidently getting sat down after struggling for a couple of weeks didn't sit well with him. Perhaps he has other personal issues that haven't come to light. There's also news that he suddenly has a new agent after his release, so maybe there was someone whispering in his ear. Regardless of his reasons, unless there's some serious personal issue that needs to be taken care of which does not appear to be the case here, quitting on your teammates with 3 games left to go says a lot of his character. I'm sure that won't be lost on his future teammates, wherever he ends up.

Bombers are falling apart, I just watched O'Sheas press conference, boy I feel sorry for him :cry:

Although I see that Grigsby has been less productive of late not dressing at all opposed to adding Cotton to a 1-2 puch carrying both international RBs. Probably did not sit well with him. It was only a few weeks agi that Cotton was looking to get out but both he and Grigsby were on the 44 with Cotton moslty returning kick offs and other teams.
Speedster Grigsby could also return kick offs as well.
Of Course with Grigbsy being a big part of the passing game as well placing well over 1000 combined yards from scrimmage team geared to stop him. Cotton north South Power to off set Grgsby speed around the edge. Now has the NFL sudduenly gained some interest due to his pure athletic ability.
Grigsby likely not making much $$$.
He is still on the higher age borderline of the new FXFL where some NFL GM's may be interested in seeing him there for a few games and adding him to a roster later.
Aaron Kelly was also surprisingly left off the roster as well when Nick More Came back. Cetainly it hurts the bombers needing to start 3 international Olineman but with extra bolcing help needed using FB/TE more along with starting 3 solid National spot of Defense with Bucknor at Field CB, Sherman at LB, and Thomas at DT.
We will see what the intetions maybe is he signs with another CFL club. Grigsby after being relaesed by the Stamps he did play that final few game of the las UFL season in Vegas. So after a breakout in the CFL and fitting the recently graduated college players may appear in the FXFL to see if he can get enough done to hit at least a NFL PR.

So they are falling apart because they release a very average RB who was pouting because he was being sat down for 2 games.Cotton has sat on theIR and PR all season without complaint despite losing the starting job due to injury.Grigsby is sat out for 1game due to a continued lack of production and he takes to twitter blaming the rest of the team.Good riddence and you are welcome to him.

Actually I think Cotton had also hinted to his agent about wanting his release when Gribsy was dominating. But you are right it was one game for a good team still building on a losing streak with his production going down.
A little more shocking is that Kelly was off the 46 for return specialist Aaron Woods. Even though they had dresses a dew players who have had some good returns this season.
Deciding to go with hybrid back McGuffie would be more surprisng being on the roster not that Cotton was the starter.

And just the other day O'Shea scoffed at changes because he was trying to build something and not tear it down. To lose a guy like him over playing time is just brutal.

I agree there has to be something more going on here than meets the eye. I will be interested to see where Grisby will end up. Any CFL team looking for depth at RB due to injury or poor play will be interested.

Grigsby only said what O"Shea should have said a few games ago. I'm glad O"Shea isn't a firefighter, because he's just content to sit back and watch it burn. At least Grigsby did something !

O'Shea learned from guys like Matthews,Milanovich that you don't keep malcontents around if your trying to build a team. Wasn't that the problem in Winnipeg for the last few years ? He's just a RB and one who's blocking is at best average and who's production was on the negative for a few games.

The reference to build the team up is just that, build the team up.
The Bombers are well aware of what kind of player Grigsby is, and hence, he was released.
That should tell you something right there.

Grigsby is a good the open, and a decent receiver and his blocking has improved somewhat.
And this is where the 'but' is inserted.

He is the softest RB in the league. Nobody has seen him break a tackle. He just goes down way too easy..usually on 1st contact.
And I'm not talking about horrendous blocking for him, but strictly open field running. Arm tackling should not be possible in bringing down a good RB.

But, running issues aside, there is a belief that NG was not the teammate you want in the locker room. This has been referenced in the Oct 16 issue of the Wpg. Sun.

Taking everything into consideration, this is not a loss the Bombers would not recover from.

I never said NC is a great back. I don't care he's released, but O"Shea said he inserted Cotton to spark the team. So you sit the malcontent, who only spoke the truth, and the spark is the guy who couldn't push NC of the start roster. Wow, that's some savvy coaching move.