Bombers-Blue Team game thread (August 24)

13-12 T.O. with the Pikula FG for the Bombers.

Three minute warning.

What an awful game...LMAO

Finally some drama! LOL

Ever feel like you are all along oski?

Bombers are making it interesting now

Pikula better make this... LMAO

Pikula FG attempt is...GOOD!

Seven seconds left! :wink:

15-13 Winnipeg

And the baby blue team loses!!!!!!


Over to you, Cats!

I only caught the last minute of the game.. .were the defenses that good.. or did both offenses stink that bad?

Blue team's O-Line was bad, their run game was ineffective, a drop in the end zone is never a good thing, but overall they really miss their starting QB.

Both Defence where very good

Obviously I'll take the Argo loss, but this game was another sickening example of how bad the officiating is in the league. The call on Eiben for a late hit on the quarterback during Winnipeg's winning drive was ridiculous.

I guess it's good to see we aren't the only team getting ripped by the refs.