Bombers-Blue Team game thread (August 24)

Hi folks,

Hoping for a Bomber win to keep the Cats in the thick of the third place...ummmm...errrrrm...race. LOL :wink:

Game is starting on TSN momentarily...

Oski Wee Wee,

Prefontaine's FG attempt hit the upright. No points.

Winnipeg stalls. Argos have the ball after a Pikula punt went out of bounds illegally.

Winnipeg 1-0, end of first quarter.

Not the biggest game highlight package, eh? LOL

7-1 Blue Team (Butler to Parker(!))

Careful.....Winnipeggers refer to their team as "Blue"....named after the beer, I think.....

LMAO I've been told not to use the A-word to reference Toronto's team, so that is the cadence most people HERE use. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm hip

7-2 Toronto at the moment.

Barrin Simpson makes a huge fumble recovery inside the Blue Team's 20...

Roberts TD run, 9-7, Labatt Blue Team :wink:

Pilsener (sort of) 9
Blue Team 7

actually Pilsener (a.k.a. Pil) is a major sponsor of the Roughriders:


Is this beer here in Ontario? Pilsener, to me, comes from Pilsen. Champagne comes from Champagne, and defense comes from Hamilton.
Everything is changing.........I'm being left behind.

Not exactly a classic game, but interesting nonetheless. It's good to see some blue team penalties finally.

I like their mascots, Bum and Boozer...

No, it's only out west. Brewed by Molson.

(and it's terrible)

10-9 T.O now...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Where are the Texas Rangers when you need them?

Game highlight: it's closer to the final gun. LOL

Miles wit the DROPPPPPPPPPPPP in the end zone!

10-9 T.O. after 3 quarters

13-9 after the Prefontaine FG.