Bombers best-scenario for the rest of the season

  1. Win and avoid getting injured against the Argos.
    The first time we played them, we injured Boyd and a few other players, effectively derailing an optimistic football team that beat Calgary in game 1 of the season. The last time we played the Argos, they sent about 7 of our players to the hospital and ended the seasons of 2 of our running backs.

  2. Calgary beats Montreal in Montreal.
    A Bombers win and a Montreal loss locks up first place.

  3. BC losing 1 or both of their next 2 games.
    As I write this, it's 10-9 BC in Hamilton (late 2nd quarter). If BC loses this game and/or the showdown for 1st place against Edmonton next week, BC will need to beat Montreal at home to hold their playoff position, be it 1st (most likely) or 2nd place.

  4. Calgary loses to Montreal.
    Regardless who wins the showdown for first place in the West, if Calgary loses to Montreal, the best they can finish is 3rd in the West, which means that they will likely rest their injured players and pull their starters in the 2nd half when the Bombers play them in Calgary.

It's going to be an interesting final 2 weeks in the regular season :rockin:

3) It is better for the Bombers if BC loses 1 of their next 2 games. That guarantees that their final game would have playoff implications, assuming Edmonton beats Saskatchewan in game 18. As I write this, it's 19-10 Hamilton over BC in the 3rd quarter.

Probably best if we just take care of our own business, and win our last 2 games... :thup:

...Who cares what other teams do.....just win out....end of... :wink:

You've seen the Bomber win-loss roller coaster just as I have. They've lost to the Argos and the Stamps this season.
The easier the ride for us and the harder the ride for Montreal, so much the better. I'll be cheering for Calgary & BC next week and hope that no Bombers get hurt next week against Toronto.

Then we can all breath easier and be well rested for the East Final:D

win loss roller coaster? 10-6... TWO 1 point loss's to calgary and montreal.. they are 3 points away from being 12-4..

im sorry but is 10-6 not tied for the best record in the league?

seriously.. every team has had their ups and downs but based on records.. winnipeg and montreal are the 2 teams who have had more UPS than Downs. seriously. like look at the standings.. jesus.

win-loss roller coaster or not, he's still right.

The easier the ride for us and the harder the ride for Montreal, so much the better. I'll be cheering for Calgary & BC next week and hope that no Bombers get hurt next week against Toronto.
these are exactly true.

calgary-mtl should be interesting, mtl offense might come out with something to prove, tate in his second start after playing well in relief of burris all season and having a good first start. That game will be tough to call IMO. It'll be interesting to see what Calgary team we'll be facing in the season finale and what the results are this wknd could really impact that.

BC has been hit with injuries, lulay, andrew harris, lumbala, foster, gore all banged up, played without elimimian. As big as the Ticats win over the Lions was and for how much their D got after Lulay, the O still had to settle for 7 FGs. BC may struggle to finish the season as they try to get people healthy or healthier for the playoffs, but i'm sure a home playoff date would look pretty good to them in the remodeled bc place and they've had their way with edmonton this season.

For the blue, splitting the last 2 or winning both is realistic. I can't imagine they'd lose both but at least each time they've lost 2 games in a row this season they've come out and played a really good game the 3rd week (lost 2 vs riders followed by 25-24 win in MTL, lost next to TO and MTL, won vs Ham 33-17). Time for someone other than MTL represent the east in the Grey Cup.