Bombers begin their annual coach firing

Out with Etcheverry . Who is next up. This club chews up and spits out more coaches than any other. Hall and Benevides will be wise to take a pass on the Blue and gold. Going from well run clubs with good players to well, the opposite, Yikes! Besides if they wait until next fall they will likely have a chance for the head coach job with the Bombers as Oshea will likely be fired after they have another losing season.

Well that’s the way it goes, I don’t think you can pin this all on O’Shea.

bombers will win 9-11 games next season.

So, who should the Bombers get to replace him?

My picks....I think Mike Benevides was a decent enough DC and Linebacker coach if you can get him.

Seems like they may have already talked to Devon Claybrooks. They have or will talk to Benevides, and have permission from the Riders to talk to Richie Hall and Barron Miles. Seems a good chance one of those four will be the new DC. Actually, it seems a good bet 3 of the 4 guys will fill one of the 3 open DC spots. Would Benevides join Chapedelaine in Sask under Chamblin?

Oshea's comments with respect to his offensive coordinator Marcel Bellefeuille were interesting to say the least. We are going to keep him because it is not good to change OC when you have young QB's. So what he was saying was I know he sucks but my boss told me that we do not want to confuse our QB's by bringing in a new OC and system. It is obvious that Oshea does not have full control of who he has to work with. All the teams in the CFL have superior talent with the exception of Ottawa who are equal with Wpg. Ottawa has better Canadian players so they actually have the edge. I expect Ottawa will improve and Bomber will stay the same. Oshea will be the sacrificial lamb at the end of the season. Wpg 3 & 15 at the end of the season

I bet my post count against yours that I am closer than you are :slight_smile:

I will take that bet as I do not see Bombers beating anyone other than maybe Ottawa next year as they are not in the same league as the other teams when it comes to talent.

Now that could change if they somehow land some good Canadian O lineman in free agency if there are any available. Again do not see that happening as they have had opportunities to do that the last few years and have not wanted to spend the money or the player has said no way to Winnipeg.

I expect them to get a lucky one or two against the other teams as everyone can have an off game or take lesser light to lightly and get beaten. They have no Oline to protect their QB’s and their plays are very predictable. Their defense can not stop the run as they are too small.