Bombers Before Eskies

I personally would love it if the Bombers made the playoffs this year.
Bombers are two games behind Eskimos.
If the Bombers keep winning they can eliminate the crossover.

I don't think the Esks can beat the Lions in the games upcoming but I wouldn't mind it if they did.

How could they eliminate the cross over? The only teams in the East that are looking good are Montreal and Winnipeg (finally). Toronto and Hamilton both still stink.

Still more games to the season but right now it is looking as if Bombers host east semi. It would be (as of right now) Toronto you'd be looking to if you dont want the crossover.

Unlikely, however.

Chief has nailed it. Bombers wouldn't eliminate the crossover because Toronto and Hamilton would get eliminated. Toronto is 6 points behind Edmonton for the final spot. With 5 games left, Toronto would have to win almost every game remaining and Edmonton would have to lose almost every game. That'll never happen.

Funny how that works I think he is giving the Argos the points lost last night. Not sure but only two eastern teams will make the playoffs this year. I think you need to take your socks off and count again. TO and the bombers have to have a better record then the fourth place team in the west. Besides you better hope that the crossover happend. It might be the only way the riders see a playoff game this year. Kidding of course Edmonton appears to be moving over there silly me.

Bombers would just have to finish in 2nd place in the east to make the playoffs. The crossover team, according to the rules, still has to travel and play on the road to the 2nd place eastern team. If the season ended today, Edmonton would have to play in Winnipeg. Any crossover team will have to win 2 road games to make the Grey Cup.

Can you see any western teams not minding it all too much if they have to crossover into the east, seeing as how minus Montreal it could be said the chances of success are better? Just some food for thought, however if Winnipeg plays like it has been (and gets its field goal attempts) it really could be just as tough of a challenge between the thirs and 4th place west teams.

You know what I do not think it will be a cake walk for a western team in all seriousness. They are playing away for the first game and if they win that one they have to do it again the following week. Tougher then one would think.
The Als will be tough to play in Montreal during playoffs and depending on the eastern team that is second has been playing that game to might be tough.

No they dont, a tie will go to the team in their division

Oh Yeah, a lapse in my thought process.