Bombers beat Lions in OT to move closer to Western Final spot

VANCOUVER — Winnipeg is still the team to beat in the West.

The Blue Bombers took down the BC Lions 34-26 on Friday night at BC Place to claim pole position in the West Division and move one win away from clinching a spot in the Western Final.

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Clearly Vernon adams had a first down or at least it should have been reviewed
Does the cfl think that people are stupid?
The empty seats say no


CLEARLY he did not.
I guess GOD does not love him today.
The Better team won again.
BC is not there yet.
TORONTO vs WINNIPEG - even teams.

What a joke. This is why the cfl is looked at as a joke. The better team did not win.

I think they did.

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The missed roughing the passer was brutal too. It is getting hard to watch. Of course, did you McDavid WAY off side on one of Edm’s goals? The refs can’t keep up with the game. It’s too fast. Then bad calls can make a game. Sad.

You must have watched a different game.

I am talking about BC and Winnipeg.
I don’t know why you’re talking about Edmonton

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You’re 100% wrong. It was the Lions vs Winnipeg and the refs. Joke league.

Suck it up - maybe next year. Your team IS getting better.


As said, no, the NHL misses calls you can set your watch by. The NFL isn’t much better. Just watch the holding and false starts, for example. But when a ref blows an obvious call like the missed first down, the computer guys upstairs need to intervene. At least then it’ll be fair. It’s just hard to watch when the refs decide a game and it hasn’t been good this year at all - those weren’t even close calls.

The officials did their best to gift wrap a victory for BC. Awful PI call giving the Lions the ball on the one, turns a FG into a TD. In the end they have to be impartial and honest, I think they did well. They did miss the hit below Collaros’s knees, I’m certain that’s the roughing your talking about?


Wow, I love the narrative that is developing here…

Lions fans: Refs robbed us of the game ( they did not)

Bomber fans: we absolutely dominated ( they did not)

Great game, lived up to the hype

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It was a first down and that was not a penalty in ot. Your team was the lesser. The whole game was a joke from the officiating standpoint. Not admitting that is pathetic. Joke league.

Yes, they did. Twice.

NOT my team - I am with the current Champion A R G O S

WHO will play Winnipeg in the Grey Cup - and NOT BC

Whoa gentlemen. This is starting to get personal so I may have to delete posts and/or close the thread. If upset BC fans want to complain about the officiating I suggest they do so in the BC forum. Also, it hasn’t happened yet but any Bomber fan itching to jump in -don’t. Your team won and it wouldn’t be cool to gloat over it.


I have a feeling the Riders will pull off the WSF upset, they play BC well and BC isn’t built for the playoffs. If Sask finds a way to run the ball they may be taking another trip to the Peg.


Makes sense…Morrow exploded for a dominating 35 yards per game against the Lions this year