Bombers @ BC

you can really see why these two teams are in the lower class of the League for 2010..

they are not really well run on the Offense and they have problems putting points on the board.

that's why they're 4-8 and 3-9 respectively.

teams like Calgary, Saskatchewan, Montreal and Hamilton have a few steps above the rest.. they have an offense and they can put the points up.

that play went horribly wrong, but what a heads up play by Jyles.. at least partly saved his butt

How do you explain the Banjo bowl?????

well, as you can plainly see, it was a 1 game mental lapse.

the Riders have clearly resolved that problem and are on a 3 game winning streak..

so I am not too worried about that.

Banjo Bowl was WPG executing on all facets. This team can be scary if they're all there.

And how do the Stamps explain the loss to BC? Good teams have bad games against bad teams sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya Bombers are capable but they're not consistent

they show moments of flare but can't maintain that dazzle.

Wally looks frustrated.....Quarterback switch to start the second half?

You got it, and it's very frustrating.

Calgary started their mini slump, TiCat's gave that game away with TO's and Argo's were without a real QB today, so I say their last three wins were not really earned. I think if they were to play Calgary tommorrow they would be looking at another Banjo bowl. I'm not convinced until I see them win one soon with some real opposition. Not saying they can't. I think the overall quality of football this year has been poor, BC, Bombers, EE's, TO taking a dive even the Al's don't look as good as thier former self...but it's anyones game at the end of the day..even if they are ugly wins and I have seen far too many of those this year.

What about their other six wins? What sort of excuses do you have lined up for those? :lol:

BC's "D" stepped it up, but Calgary did not show up, so if Calgary doesn't win it all this year then the winner, got lucky. Period. I don't care for Calgary and will not back any western team (other than BC) in the GC, but have to respect their record and say they are deserving of the GC.

riders had their shot last year, but proved they didn't have the IQ to get it done. With their counting abilities this year, they would be doing this league a big dis-service by going to the GC this year and end up show casing their kindergarden skills.....

This is looking like first half of the season Lions..not pretty.


Turnover with the pick. Lion's offense needs to move the ball, like NOW!

what a brilliant pass mr. jyles :roll:

Finally a TD. Lion's have life; now trail 10-7

nice BC drive there

Thought they were going to get a gooose egg in this one..

looks like we're in for the classic 10-15 minutes the Bombers don't bother showing up for