Bombers @ BC

Here's hoping Lulay doesn't throw picks all night and give this one away.

Let's go Lions!

I look for the Lion's to win the field advantage battle. As for Lulay; he plays/does well on his reads and thus B.C. will have a good chance to win.

if Winnipeg can win this and next week's game.. then They're in position for the Cross over

AND it makes Edmonton's season pretty much done for.

Carr would be a decent actor in a "B" movie..

Pretty sure our season's been over for a while, dude... :lol:

I picked Winnipeg to win so Go Bombers... eww. I feel dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let the BC fumbles begin, but from an unlikely source..

Ooh! 10-0. Nice start. :smiley:

Simon took a hard hit, hope he's O.K.

that's a good start.

B.C. has to get something going on this drive. Get the running game going guys.

McCallum always makes it entertaining..

Interesting play there by McCallum, B.C has to hold em now but......

Why does Rod Black ALWAYS say, "Right at the first down marker." The player could be five yards passed the marker, but to Rod Black he's right at it. :roll:

Jyles got away with one there..

B.C. player went for the pick and lost. And now the Lion's are in deep

that was one heck of an effort for a 3 yard gain

Is it time to complain about the announcer again?

I'll nominate Cuthbert and Black as the two biggest jerkfaces announcing games on TSN with the rest of the guys I have seen solid or okay (Forde, Suitor, Dunigan, and Miller). And Dave Randorf in the studio is great why don't they have him announcing games? Jock Clymie maybe too.

And Sara Orlesksy gets Queen Beeetch. :lol:

Time for Printers or JJ to enter

Winnipeg is all over Lulay. Fred Reid is just rollin; Wally better rally the troups at half time otherwise it's the Bombers game in a calk walk.

BC doesn't like to win at home...