Bombers battle through adversity in Edmonton

EDMONTON —  After 14 straight points saw the Winnipeg Blue Bombers take hold of the driver’s seat in the first quarter, the team battled adversity amidst an Edmonton Elks comeback.

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Well, the Elks did not do as bad as the score indicates. Two costly turnovers. Without those two turnovers, the game would have been much closer.

The elks played a good game, Cornelius looked really good, but it was not as close as you think. The bombers missed 3 field goals, and also had 2 costly turnovers. Bombers offense also played below what they're usual game

This was by far the most entertaining game on the Week 7 card. The Edmonton Elks played an inspired game at home. The Bombers knock out blow was DeAundre Alford's pick six major in the third frame. The Elks had just taken the lead by one point. My game ball goes to Andrew Harris who had 19 carries for 97 yards and 2 catches for 36 yards.:star_struck: :hash: :one: :wc: :large_blue_diamond: :large_orange_diamond:

Don't forget the Bombers had a costly turn-over of their own, so not as close you say.

1st Q was 100% Bombers, made it look too easy. Could have gone up 21-0, but Edm was able to settle in and make it a game. Props to them for not giving up.

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It never felt as if Bombers lost control in the game, but it was getting close.

Special teams struggled.

Offence started and finished well with a whole lot of slop in the middle

Defense came up BIG when needed.


The Bombers have their warts, the biggest one being kicker. First Crapigna, who's longest was 22 yds. Then Leggio, the heir apparent to Medlock. So much for that & now Mourtada who was 0 for 3, including a chip shot. I don't have much faith in their needing a FG to win at some point & putting it on these guys. Worst kicking team in the CFL IMO & it's likely to catch up with them. Very sloppy game.

Right now the Bombers are rolling. But, I've said it before - streaks are very common. 2017 Elks started out 7-0. 2018 Riders had a 9-2 stretch, Stamps 7-1 at one point. 2019 Elks started 6-3, Riders went 9-1 after slow start. The way to beat the Bombers is on the ground as Argos showed. Last night Elks had 134 rush yds but the team just isn't very good right now. Bombers give up only 2 less yds/game rushing than 9th place team in this category - Ottawa. And give up the most yds/rush in the league. Weird season but there is no team in the league that doesn't have some serious flaws, Bombers included. It will be an interesting 2nd half. Have to say, pretty exciting.

Bombers after the bye, next 4 games will be very tough

Two against BC & two against Edm

Bombers bye

Al's back to back..... then Stamps.

I hoping for 60% wins. Stamps may be a rest top players game, depending on how well Calgary finishes

Maybe. Remember Cal Murphy? When asked about the mediocre kicking game he said, "I'm not interested in scoring field goals."

He was perfectly happy with the kicker he had. As long as THAT kicker was Canadian and CHEAP... he could afford a fast import receiver on offense.

I have to agree with his thinking. We always had a high scoring team. :grin:

Problem with that thinking is this - if Crapigna hadn't been 0 for 2 in the loss to Argos, then Wpg would have been in position to go for a 2 point convert on the last possession. There's the 7 points they lost by.

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Add one more. Leggio made a FG vs Calgary with 42 seconds left. Paredes missed one with 1 second left. Otherwise, a 1 pt loss. Having a kicker that you trust is important. Cal should know that having coached with the Elk dynasty. Cutler was a big part of it.

I totally agree. Sometimes a missed kick or two come back to haunt you. I can't argue with the results so far though. Our organization has put together a really solid team. If all we have to do next is get our field goal kicking game up to an acceptable level (65%? or 75%?) then we needn't worry too much. Other teams have worse problems to solve. :smiley:

In the case re: Bombers vs Elks
The two missed FG's (6 points) in the 3rd qt both resulted in turnovers by the Bombers for touchdowns (14 points) Soooooo... Maybe the our kickers are smart like a fox.

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That idea is so crazy it might just be true. Well done WeGotTheCup. :smiley: :+1:

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Well, not exactly Cup. the missed FG by Crapigna in the 3rd Qtr resulted in a single, followed up by Argos taking the ball on the 35 & marching it down the field for a TD. I'll take a swing of 10 points my way anytime. The 2nd attempt by Crapigna in the 4th Qtr was returned by Braverman out of the end zone & resulted in the Argos killing 3 minutes on a drive before punting & Bombers starting deep in their own end. That was Mr. Crapigna's last game - much too clever for Mr O'Shea apparently.

Yes the Bombers aren't perfect and their kicking game is downright awful but at least they have over half of the season to get that figured out. Kicking can of course be critical in a close game, unless the other team can't score, which is the formula the Bombers have relied on so far.

In addition to their pretty good offense, as Milt Stegall stated after the game, their defence is as good as any he's seen since joining the CFL in 1995. And Milt is not easily given to hyperbole unless it relates to himself. It may not matter how good the rest of your team is if you have one of the top five defences of the century. If I had to pick one of offence, defence and special teams to be proficient in I would pick defence every time. Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Chicago, to name but 3, all won Super Bowls on the strength of their defences alone.

Even more astounding is that the Bombers defence is still without at least 3 if not 4 of their starters and at one time had 6 out. Like Team Canada in hockey where it is often said that their second team would contend for a medal, the Bombers second 12 on defence might be in the top 3 in the league.

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It's one of those 'damn good defenses' all right. That's why I'm still not completely sold on our offense. We lose ONE key player... 'Zack Collaros', then we're done. I'd hate to see that defense not be rewarded with another Cup just because our bench strength sucks at that ONE position.

So fingers crossed. Gotta be grateful for what the team's accomplished so far. Who knows what's gonna happen in the second half of the season right? :smiley: :+1:

Its truly amazing the bombers are the #1 rated team at the CFL's 1/2 point - with 2 legless kickers & the fair-catch boys comprising their kick-return game; not to mention their mediocre kick coverage!