Bombers, Bailey agree to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms on a one-year contract extension with American receiver Rasheed Bailey, who was scheduled to become a free agent next week.

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Another one off my top must sign list.

Welcome back Rasheed.


So is there going to be any cap space left for Lawler & Harris? One has to wonder.

Well word is that the Lions have offerd Lawler $250K. Sadly I think he's gone. Passing on Harris in favour of Olivera & Augustine as a 1-2 RB platoon would be cheaper as well.


I do think Harris is possibly going to get the short end of the stick this year, either moving on or a reduced salary. We'll see.

I believe the Bombers will have money for 4 or 5 re-signed players, of course that depends on which ones sign up. Afterwards just a basic (entry level) wage for most.

Some may stay for playoff $$ and a chance to win it all.

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Let's put things in perspective. Over the past month the Riders & Bombers seem to be announcing big signings on a daily basis. Quelle surprise. They had by far the most free agents on the official list posted on this website. Of the 50 Riders, 29 are still out there like Duke, Micah, Lacey, Purifoy etc.. Bombers have signed 20 of the 48 members of their championship team. All Stars like Lawler, Darby, Alexander remain. All 3 RB's, Adams, Richardson, Grant, Maston, Hanson etc etc remain. These teams are going to have quite a few changes.
TSN mentioned that the 3 teams with most CAP space are BC, Edm & Ottawa. As we can see with the Masoli $$$ battle, BC already signing Whitehead, Burnham, Rhymes & Cottoy for c. $600K & $250K set aside for Lawler, the prices are getting ridiculous. BC is being very aggressive & Jones has never been shy to let a few $$ get in the way. Still a lot of work to do, boys, on the Bomber front. Don't let them get to Feb 8.

Who's going to be throwing passes to these receivers in BC tho?? Masoli? Lord knows that they have lots of cap space since M Reilly's retirement

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Whew. For a few days there I was thinking all our deep threats were deep sixed. Now I can go back to fretting about all that snow I either have to shovel or sell to passing camel herdsmen.

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We'll just announce Strev signed soon....he'll play 2nd QB, FB, LB, and teams.
Problem solved.


He was only on my imaginary list.
That's a backup QB and FB

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Hey, everyone's getting a raise but sign me up for entry level. Just happy to be here. LOL Sharks gotta feed. Fish gotta feed too.

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Seams Winnipeg lives in your head....Just curious, have you totaled what Winnipeg has spent, what they have left in the piggy bank? Lol

[quote="WeGotTheCup, post:13, topic:76414"]

Seams Winnipeg lives in your head....Just curious, have you totaled what Winnipeg has spent, what they have left in the piggy bank? Lol

I don't want you Bomber bunch to get lonely so be happy I listen to you. Something happening here, CUP. Where's the Stamp guys, Elk guys, anybody but Bomber guys? They're NOT drinking the koolaid. Unbelievable. I'll stick around but sorry, no group hugs. LOL

(The piggy bank broke & the money's all gone - only a few centavos left.)

Here's just a few quotes & comments from players, coaches and people involved in football have to say re: Winnipeg Blue Bombers.:blue_heart: :orange_heart:

The best head coaches in our league are (Winnipeg’s) Mike O’Shea, (Hamilton’s) Orlondo Steinauer, and (Calgary’s) Dave Dickenson. There’s a reason why those three teams are the favourites come playoff time.

I’m pissed that Winnipeg was able to keep their front office together. They would have had a tougher time retaining players if (assistant general managers) Ted (Goveia) and Danny (McManus) had been hired elsewhere. I hope (Canadian offensive lineman) Drew Desjarlais signs in the NFL. That’ll hurt them.

Winnipeg re-signed (defensive end) Willie (Jefferson) quickly and without overpaying him. He got just under a ten percent bump from last year and I bet that other teams — Edmonton for sure — would have offered him a lot more money.

Deep down, Stanley Bryant didn’t want to be anywhere else and couldn’t picture himself anywhere else other than in Winnipeg and with the Blue Bombers.

Remember how much
Lawler has made it known that he doesn't like the
If he does sign there tho maybe that frees up money to get strevy home?

People worried about the cash being thrown at Lawler. Hes a great player perfect fit between him and Zach &
. And that's my point. To be a good receiver you gotta have a good QB. To have a good QB you gotta have a good O-Line. I fail to see either right now in BC

“I had talked to my family, and I know how much they love Winnipeg and the organization. It was a no-brainer. People always say the grass is not always greener on the other side. Winnipeg will be my home forever.”


Any local fan that has been paying attention over the past 5 or so years has seem the transformation, the team has become fully united. Brotherhood.
That feeling of really enjoying coming into work and feeling like you're a part of something special can be much more rewarding than being courted to the darkside. Especially when you factor in the possibility of more playoff money, and seeing all your brothers staying loyal to the Team.
Lawler, the grass isn't always greener!


Johnny #27 Augustine is back for two years.

it always amazes me that minutes after free agency opens that we see several instantaneous signings with players jumping to other ships...but yet moody is admitting to holding talks wit agents when they are not allowed to do so.

I've seen the quotes, CUP, including the insider quotes from 3DownNation included here. But here's the thing. I like Walters, O'Shea, Hall etc. Good organization. I also like O'Day, Dickenson, Shivers - good organization. Most wins past 2 seasons. I like Hufnagel, the other Dickenson, Mitchell etc. Great organization. Does Calgary, who has the worst barn have trouble attracting players? Is Burnham unhappy in BC? He had a chance to join Winnipeg last year. Hasn't expressed regrets yet. If Lawler leaves for BC for the money, should we expect him saying he'd REALLY rather be in Winnipeg? Well, of course - no?
This isn't unique to Winnipeg. Show me a club that wins a championship &, almost without exception, they talk about brotherhood. I don't dispute that the organization has good people. But if, as been touted here before by others - Winnipeg - the best organization, the best stadium, the best city & everyone wants to play there, well, talk to a Regina fan. Or a Hamlton fan. I respectfully disagree. You can check up quotes from other CFL cities on the same websites as well. But I think I'll take a break like the Stamp posters & stay off the Bomber articles for now. Way too exhausting. You win. Pats on the back all around. I'm out. Take care Cup. CIAO

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One parting thought since you're quoting the "insiders". This week's entry

(Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ linebacker) Adam Bighill ruined the market for linebackers in 2021 and he’s done it again in 2022. You shouldn’t be discounting yourself as the league’s top defensive player. He can afford to because he has a high-paying off-field job in Winnipeg but most other players don’t have that luxury. It’s hurting them.

There's 2 sides to every coin. Don't look at me. Not my monkey, not my circus.