Bombers Bail On Pacman

Looks like the Bombers don't want Pacman after all.

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Good for them …Good for the league

The thread title should be Bombers Bail on Fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

Better now then after he meets Kelly! :wink:

I'm not surprised after his video he posted today! The guy is a headcase!

Pacman calling the CFL the UFL what a loser You got to watch this as soon as he made that video and the GM got to see it ...Ha HA HA ..Brutal display of professionalism and a shame folks around the world are going to look at that and say wow football players are dumb ....%#%#%#%#%^#%^#%^#%^# PACMAN the loser what a joke . Wonder how his Bro's back home now feel mother#%^&$ cant even play in the UFL .....LMAO CFL Most people say all press is good press im gonna bag to diff on this one ..


well i guess he feels pros vs joes is good enough to rejuvenate his career

Oops...guess the Peg couldn't get him over the boarder.

I don't fully understand.

You supposedly have signed the guy and are bringing him in on Wednesday. Then he posts a video where he says that he will be in on Friday and play on Sunday.

What happened? I just don't get it.

It's pretty easy. Umm he wasn't allowed into Canada.

Rison and Williams "troubles" are more personal issues , pacowaco is a violent hothead probably on something a lot stronger than herb . Good for Kelly because he,d likely get punched out lmao

WHAT A LOSER!, Not a bad looking girl though.

Makes you wish they'd bring back The Whizzenator and the circus would be complete! LOL

Oski Whiz,

I said the way Kelly handled the Glenn situation through the media was a text book case for GMs on how not to manage player issues.

The textook just got re written.

I had to do a double take when I saw the video. I wasn't sure if I was seeing Pacman Jones or an old video of Bobby Brown. Canadian Immigration Services came through and I am told they will be reviewing the whole process in place with the CFL.

lol I was thinking the same thing,(shes hot). :smiley:

That loser is as high as a kite in that video. I couldn't bother watching more than a minute and a half of that video.

She is a pretty girl, but obvisouly a very bad judge of character and with his history of making a punching bag out of women's faces she won't be pretty for long.

FINALLY someone who is a deadbeat criminal has trouble getting into Canada. Colour me surprised.

you just love to judge people eh

Not much to judge here, buddy. HIs rap sheet and ramblings speak for themselves.

His rap sheet isn't actually that bad...
If your going by the list that was in a previous thread some of those were from the same incident, and some of those he was just listed as in the area when something happened.

I am not saying he is a good guy or anything like that, but why keep posting saying how the guy is a deadbeat when he clearly isn't or else he wouldn't of tried to come to canada to play football.

I watched his video on Drew Edwards blog today

hey Pacman

YO yo yo yo yo yo yo game over!

Who would want a headcase like that in the league. Congrats to the Bombers for coming to their senses.