Bombers autographed helmet for sale

Anyone interested in purchasing a 2001 Grey Cup finalists autographed Winnipeg Blue Bombers helmet? Autographs include, among others: Khari Jones, Milt Stegall and Bob Cameron.


How much?

$300.00. Autographs include: Milt Stegall (Turtle Man); Khari Jones; Arland Bruce III; Jamie Stoddard; Bob Cameron; Daved Benefield; Mike Sellars; Brian Clark; Moe Elewonibi; Markus Howell; Tom Europe; Brett MacNeil; Pat Barnes; Raphaol Ball; Geoff Drover; Inoke Breckterfield; Dave Mudge; Less Browne If you want to see it, follow the link ... 86fffffe5f

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