Bombers, Augustine agree to two-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension with Canadian running back Johnny Augustine, who was scheduled to become a free agent next week.

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Keep ‘em coming! I actually liked the look of Augustine in limited action better than Oliveira last year. Signing Johnny might mean that Harris or Oliveira will not be back.


In the words of the late great Mr. Michael Lee Aday (Meat loaf)

"Two out of three ain't bad"


Agreed. Although I believe it's Marvin. Sorry. Been a big Meat Loaf fan since the debut album in 1977.


Correct, although he used Michael if I recall rightly

Funny I had "Bat Out of Hell" in

  • 8 track
  • Cassette x2
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Spotify

Paradise by the dashboard light.


That's great! Amazing album, huh? The only thing missing is laserdisc. Lol!

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Ah yes, how many times on karaoke. :laughing:

Although with all the re-signings, I hope the Bombers will be more like Bat out of Hell when the season starts.

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1997 I was working at Kitchen Craft, rented an appointment in EK, was party central. Paradise by the dashboard lights was (like everyone else) our theme song.

Still love it at socials, Weddings.....any other event. Make me feel young for bit.


I think this might be rewarding his loyalty to the club lastyear where he spent alot of time on the PR (without making a fuss at all). Even though he likely could have started on at least a few other clubs.


Johnny is a great athlete and ball player. I am so happy we got him. I can't believe two teams passed on him and he was never drafted. When I lived in Ont my fav Uni team was Western in London. Johnny played for Guelph, a rival. I got to watch him play quite a bit and he is a keeper. Augustine and Oliviera are a good future. Both home growns !


I have no idea why Meatloaf took over this thread. He's way too fat to play running back for anyone. Besides, he's kinda dead.

Great signing by the way. Augustine gained nearly 6 yards per carry on average (I think). Not bad for a Canadian eh?