Bombers at Ti-Cats

A lot of empty seats for this one.

Oops. Pardon that comment about empty seats. Just walked into the room. Apparently there's a sell-out in progress.

It's still a absolute embarrassment for the league. Thankfully the ESPN didn't show it on the main network.

Sold out but a lot of people stuck in traffic apparently. Mind you it was sold out last week and the stands looked half empty as a lot of people were hanging out drinking in common areas.

I'm liking how this game has started. I could handle another 3 1/2 quarters of this.

There is traffic madness in Hamilton this evening. The Burlington Skyway which many people use to get home from their jobs had a massive accident that has half the bridge closed down. The back-up on other highways huge - even backed up near my place just a few minutes ago when I was out to pick up some beer for the game - lol. So yes a very late arriving crowd.

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Now that's what I call on-site reporting. Hope everyone in that accident gets to go home tonight.

So you go to TFC and blow jay games that are far away...but can't be bothered to walk down the street to RJS?

Why is Glen Suitor hanging Breaux out to dry? I'm a Bomber fan and even I'm not crazy about that. Let it go Suits...

I liked how Kelly was battling for the ball early, but they stopped going to him. If Willy didn’t underthrow (again) Kelly could have been gone on that deep one.
I can’t wait until we can get all our receivers on the field again. Next week?

Good answer Greg Peach! :lol:

Because that was an unnecessary, selfish act that drew the penalty, turning a 3rd down punting situation into a first down 15 yards downfield, directly leading to the touchdown. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Austin lays into him during halftime.

For sure. I just thought Suits kept hammering on the point a little too long.

Great interview! Love it. Way better than "it is just another game".

Missed it. Dang!

They asked him if there was any extra satisfaction handing it to the Cats, and he says flat out - yea, a ton!

The wheel



They asked him if there was any extra satisfaction handing it to the Cats, and he says flat out - yea, a ton!/quote]

Love this version of the Bombers! The best we've seen for a really long time,

Win or lose, this turn around is crazy!

Wade Miller
Kyle Walters
Mike O’Shea

How much of it is stability at QB, the attitude around the club, or the fact we actually have more coaching staff than you can count on 1 hand for once? Add it all up and you have a vastly improved club :thup: