Bombers at Stamps

.....Really don't know whose streak is going to end in this one...Looks like Harris might be a no-go...along with McDuffie.... Flanders will start if Harris is out and Heath looks like he may draw in, which I'm looking forward to...We sure are solid in the backend of our D...Prediction.....overtime...could go either way but ya know we never win in Cal :roll:

To win in cowtown this weekend might be the 2nd greatest accomplishment by the bombers in 26 years (since winning the 1990 Grey Cup)
Stamps are at the apex of their powers - BL Mitchell is the 2nd coming of Warren Moon/Ronny Lancaster/Matt Dunigan and the entire organization just exudes non-threatening arrogance.
Winnipeg is wounded, wounded really bad - the wins have taken their toll. Key for the bombers will be staying competitive and finding ways to make Mitchell commit rare mistakes. If Mitchell has a top tier game the bombers will only be in it for the first 20 minutes or so - then resigned to playing out the string in an obviously one-sided affair.

Coming out of the game with their pride intact - O'Shea will say its intact whether the bombers lose by 1 or 50 . . . . and minimizing more injuries - - - - - the bombers have enough to begin with!

Winning the game would have to jettison the bombers into rarified CFL air - ie. #1 or #2....

All four losses at the beginning of the season were close and if we had had the team we have now, we would be 12-0... Mont. Edm. and 2 losses to Cal. could have easily been won...

I don't care what injuries we have and using them as an excuse for an expected loss is not the way to think. It's the way to lose.

We need the right attitude and this team has it. I like everything I see about the Bombers. We've won several different ways including the all-important come from behind.

It's going to be a good game and I think we can win. :thup: Go Bombers !!!

I'm really pumped about the game. I called the Blue to win and am sticking with it.Reason? I'm a Bomber Fan! :lol:

Winning today in Calgary would get another monkey off their backs (like the LDC win did).

Where's the fire O'Shea brigade these days?

I give all the credit to the assistant HC, this team has Lapo written all over it.

....Close like I said...but no ceeegar....Abysmal first half dictated that loss BUT a damn good effort in the second half almost pulled it off...It looked like we weren't prepared to play at the beginning of this game....AND I have to question Adams and his non-try for that pooched kick...No matter what... you fall on the ball...Time for Heath to replace Johnson and Adams better get his act together or Frederick will have his job. :wink:

THAT...was one great game.

Some of the new rules, I'm still learning. I've seen a dribble before but not interpreted that way. Why did he not pounce on the ball ? In spite of the changes and because I just ignore the penalties nowadays, I find myself really enjoying the games lately. Do you think it is a coincidence that the Bombers are playing great and that I am enjoying games more ? :wink: All I've ever wanted was that they try and man, I can't get that game outta my head. So enjoyable. So exciting. How can so much of this country not like the CFL ? They don't know what they're missing.

Only two small complaints. TOO MANY COMMERCIALS. They even fit that short GMC ad in the middle of the final 3 min. warning. I thought that time was sacred.......... Thank God for the mute button.

Play by play is gone with the dinos. I don't ever have to seen Duane Forde or Rod Black. Just call the game with a little bit of colour, not 3 hours of it.... Thank God for the mute button.

....One of the first things you learn in football is that when you see a loose ball you jump on it and gain possession...then figure things out later....What the hell Adams was thinking boggles the mind...He sure has been a disappointment this year and along with Johnson are looking quite replaceable...I hope O'Shea has learned you play your best players ...Sometimes I wonder if he has................................AND you're right about the commercials Dan...the trucks and Wendy's baconator (years back) will be forever imprinted on my mind...Isn't that a form of brainwashing? :lol:

Adams may be lolly-gagging a bit - cuz he's injury prone and there's no better way to take on a nick than diving for loose balls! That said, he's one of the few under-performers on the bomber roster. The top of the list would no doubt be:

  1. Drew Willy (while he was here)
  2. Cousin Brucie Johnson
  3. Jerome Westerman
  4. Johnny Non-Football Adams
  5. Addison Richards (expected)

Where did that red-haired girl go ? Brainwashing ? Nah, but since the Bombers went on the streak I've ordered two new pickups.

:lol: :lol: choked on my coffee when I read that one Dan...when are you expecting delivery of the trucks :lol: :lol:

Soon I hope. One's blue, one's gold. The wife can't drive either. :lol:

Heard diecasts are expensive Dan. Could blow out up to a c-note each depending on whether its a corgi or a maisto!!! lol :cowboy:

......Hey but they'll look good in the driveway to the Wendy's sign :lol:

I had to pull the plug on the Wendy's sign. Too many people pulling up to the garage thinking it was a drive-thru.....I got a Wendy's tattoo though. It was between that and Harley-Davidson and I went with the red ponytails.

......and whoever said that commercials don't linger in the memory banks :lol: :lol: Has Harley -Davidson ever advertised CFL games....??? :lol: Now that I should remember amongst the burgers...trucks....and Rona...................... Oh boy..I think I just want to forget.

It's time for the Grey Cup guessing game..........

Why the heck did I just hum that?