Bombers at Stamps Game Thread, Sat. Nov. 1, 4 pm et

Saturday, November 1, 2014
4:00 PM ET
Winnipeg at Calgary

Peg is playing out the string, whie Calgary's biggest hope is not to have any major injuries from this playoff tuneup. I agree with Glen Suitor that O'Shea should be using Robert Marve more as an audition than having Drew Willy getting road graded for little reason in this one. Calgary should roll, even if we see a stampede of backups.

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[url=] ... n-1.119182[/url] <<'s preview of today's tussle.

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Time for kick off and it is snowing in Calgary - Nice heavy wet stuff! Cornish needs wipers for his visor so he can see where he is going :smiley:

Calgary with their signature unis which to me have too much black for a team whose colours are supposed to be red and white! Stamps march down the field and score the major, 7-0 home team.

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I am about to head out to a local sports bar, so I should be able to chime in about this game in a while!

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I see that the officiating crew is led by the "infamous" Dave Foxcroft! And after last week's debacle on overturning the fumble they seemed to be more careful about making sure there was sufficient evidence. didn't overturn this one!

End of the 1st quarter 7-3 Stamps and the snow is starting to stick on the field.

Looks like Cornish is finished for the day less than half way through he 2nd after bouncing his head on the ground while trying to regain his footing. Smart not to take any chances. Ground is becoming slick with snow sticking to it. With their FG at the beginning of the quarter, the horses are ahead 10-7

He looked pretty woozy after that. He has to go through concussion protocols now, hopefully he will be OK, but considering his concussion problems earlier in the season...

OH WOW! According to Rod Black, I wonder what his all important connection to the NFL would be?

Just tuned in though, Love seeing the snow fly! still 11-9 nags

Side note, I just watched the NZ All Blacks all without Richie McCaw, Ma'a Nonu, Conrad Smith, & Colin Slade in the lineup beat the "All Mighty" (according to NBC) USA Eagles 74-6 :lol: Nice to see Dan Carter back back in action! :thup:

Marve in for the Bomber has been sparking the 'Peg offense. Got them close enough to try for a TD but after two missed tries they settled for a FG and a slim 1 point lead. Don't know why Marve didn't run it in himself on the second try.
A forced fumble and recovery by Sears sets them up for another FG and they now lead the Stamps 15-11.

Interesting but the Stamps are having more trouble hanging on to the ball than the 'Peggers. They just lost the ball AGAIN!! :oops: Not sure how many times they’ve turned it over but it was about 3-1 MUCH earlier in the game.

Looks like the Stamps are imploding with only 33 net yards it the second half. 'Peggers with another FG off the turnover for a score of 18-11. Three minute warning coming up.

Yet another helmet to helmet hit not called


O'Shea gives up two in an attempt to run down the clock and manages to come out of Calgary with a 5 point win 18-13 final - Bombers. They can now go home and get an early start on their post-season with a bye to on the final week of play.

Are you talking about the final play of the game?

And had it been called, Calgary would have had one more play from the 18. Could they have made the TD?

It sure looked like a helmet to helmet hit on the replays.


So what was there... 2000 people in the stands? What the hell was that Calgary?

There seemed to be more people in the stands early in the game but it was looking REALLY bare by the end of the game! Doubt that the weather or the opposition helped much in selling tickets. I know my daughter said that she was thinking of going but both she and her (almost) 2 year old were stuffed up and sitting out in that weather would not have been wise for them. Considering that it was fan appreciation day with free giveaways of game worn items, the turnout was surprisingly low.