Bombers at Riders, Labour Day weekend Classic

huh no thread yet..

Dorsey needs to keep the ball in his hands!

let's go Durant!

Dorsey 20-25 yards both runs second one no blocking still looked good with bad blocking

ya I see poor blocking every return.

the defense is playing very well so far. Just need to get our Offense into gear here.

I may need protection from that Argo fan the BoxerGirl if I post in this thread :wink:

Olinne not giving much protection for durant

Back to back fouls by # 40 of Winnipeg. Not good

leading with the helmet thats gotta be called

ya Willis doesn't need to make those hits, that's just not good.

Odell "dirty" Willis ...

Dirti Willi.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Atta boy congie keep me updated boys tsn just went out for the second time.

Holy crap, what an interesting play that was

Back to back majors like that should be a toss from the game. The second hit was 50/50 if it was a major but he should have known that after drawing a clear major penalty he would be watched the next play. Not sure if he was more guilty of stupidy or the hit. In any event 2 major hits on the QB in successful plays should be a game toss.

On the game - Durant looking off still. I wonder if he is nursing an injury?

End result fieldgoal; 4-3 Roughriders

And the execution was perfect !

Durant has no rhythm or poise at all again today - :expressionless:

Tsn is back up again Oline needs to get Durant more time. Dorsey is looking better running straight ahead

so far I'm not all that happy with the Riders.