Bombers at Ottawa

....What can I say about a team that is 2 years in the making and makes us look like junk...and that's what we are...except for a couple of players on this team it reeks ...I hope we don't creep into the playoffs because we deserve nothing...A former player embarrassing us and we curl up like kitty cats...Clean house or there will be another futile year in the making. :wink:

A must win game like this shows a team's true colors. I was hoping for the Bombers to pull this one out, but obviously until they hire a new OC, and Willy comes back, they have no chance.

Nichols had under 40 yards passing after the first half.

Completely unprepared to start the game again. Unfortunately the team needs an enema yet again.

A bloke just posted this on Extra Point:

Nichols just said on the post game show that we expected them to play man... We schemed for man...they played 100% zone.
Apparently Bellefeuille didn't adjust to the zone defence until the second half.

I heard an interview with Steve Morely where he said that Bellefeuille has a good playbook but he tends to drop 90% of it and get very predictable when the going gets tough.

Sigh, when was the last time we had an elite OC?

I don't think I've heard that expression since high school in the 60s.

If we're reaching back 50 years for expressions of awfulness, it must tell you something about this team.

.....Yup high school days as well ploen truth...You couldn't say that about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in those days...we were 'something else' and winning Cups...Seems like an eternity ago but at least we have we ever get back to that level?..................................................calling Bud Grant or a reasonable facsimile..... :lol:

I agree with that Quote papa - 1964 the Bombers went 1-14-1, then Grant in 1965 coached them all the way to the Grey Cup game against Hamilton is an example of an excellent accomplishment.

Just wait till next year...

[quote=""DAN38""] Just wait till next year... [/quote]
So we can continue Ground Hog Day? Bomber fans, the reality is next year will be more of the same. As will the year after that and the year after that. Like it has for the past 25 years. Why don't you just save all your posts so you can just cut and paste them in the future? The entire organization is broken. Putting a new coat of paint on each year is not going to fix anything. But the fans in Winnipeg will buy into it, hook line and sinker.

Same team as we've seen the last 4 weeks or so - offense is a dud in the first half, defense is either good or subpar in the first half, offense becomes a bit better in the second half, defense become a lot better as we try to play catch-up because of the first half. Once we went for that short yardage instead of the gimme FG to open the game it was pretty clear how this game was going for us.

I will say that the Bombers suprised me this week though. They ran a sweep run play! Still went for a loss though.

At this point, watching this team I'm willing to stick with the O'Shea and most of the other coaching staff except for Marcel. We can't waste the first 30 minutes of football every week in a feeling out process of the D. In the last 6 games we've only had 1 game where we put up more than 10 points in the first half, shut out once and held to only 3 points twice. Terrible production.

Shadow, it was pure sarcasm .....

....I don't know how this team will sell this mess for next year, UNLESS there is significant change..These on going years of futility are starting to eat away at the fan base and that is a bloody crime...At least there should have been improvement, but as it stands now,we are a hope and a prayer away from making the post season AND Mssrs. Miller, Walters, and O'Shea have a lot of explaining to do for another failed year...The record since O'Shea and company have took over is not a pretty one and inadequate in a 9 team league...Watching other clubs progress while we regress is not going to sit well at years end and I wouldn't give you a 'plug nickel' (how's that for an oldie ploen truth) for any of their least here...IF we manage to make the post season then it will stave off a few major firings but the stench will remain of another failed year...coaching and player wise...Not good enough and there will be changes... Just offering up Marcel B. as the sacrificial lamb as an answer to our woes, won't wash if we don't make the playoffs...I would expect deeper firings, unless this club wants to face some dire consequences at the gate next year, it better happen. :x That's the way I see it.

Winnipeg needs to fire O'Shea and hire a take-charge coach like Austin or Chris Jones. You guys need someone to lay down the law, and take out the trash.


The Bombers just signed Spencer Davis and released Steve Miller. Hope they now know who's going to play rhythm for the team. :lol:

,,,,This is beginning to sound like the battle of the bands....Spencer Davis Group vs The Steve Miller Band... :lol: ....expect to sign Fleetwood Mac shortly...If they don't make the team they'd be some great half-time at the Cup. :roll: