Bombers AT Lions

Bombers will be in tough tonight but still should be a good game. Hopefully more then friends and family show up to give the game the atmosphere it deserves !

Bombers and BC Place stadium are both in tough tonite. Bombers will be without game-buster Mo Legatt but will have Tori Gurley in lineup. Ian Wild returns to spell of Leggatt but Wild is probably still not 100% so BC speed could torch him (amongst other bombers)

Its almost a no-lose situation for bombers - if they win they've got a legit chance to pull off 2nd in west and a playoff home game (first in forever)

If they lose they'll have to decide who to play and who to rest in their remaining 2 games (both vs Ottawa). A loss tonite - and a split vs Ott will give the bombers a respectable season record and they'd be the highest rated team in the eastern oil-spill. ie. the crossover team could have a better record than both the 1st and 2nd placed teams. Only downfall is bombers would have to go on the road for an eastern semi - and also final should they win.

Tonite's game is also up against BlueJays vs. Cleveland 1st game of ALCS - that's gonna knock down the TSN audience and I'm sure keep the live crowd under 21,000 (paid NOT papered) :cowboy:

Lets remember.

When the game starts it is 2 - 0 for the Bombs.

The Lions must win by 3 or more. Which they will.

Lions are the better team.


If the Bombs suffer this loss, they are still in a race for 3 rd with the Eskimos.

The decision to play or rest is a simple one.

They must go with the A squad to get the 3rd spot.

Please spare me any notion that the Bombs will want 4 th place to cross. I am not buying, so do not sell it.

I'm not selling anything - bombers chief spokesman O'Shea will only talk about winning next game - no matter what positioning results. But common sense tells us you don't play semi-nicked men or your only QB capable of winning a playoff game (Wolf of Ball Street Nichols) and go into an away game hurt, playing inexperienced reserves!

Funny, Calgary has a similar problem, they've locked up first place and are one game away from a Grey Cup spot - but seem to be focussed on finished with only 1 loss - damn the consequences - so I can understand your point about a 3rd, crossover or even 2nd place team trying to get on a similar roll

.....Always tough to beat an opponent twice in a row BUT I don't believe the bunk that the leos are a better team....They better show us then..Gonna be a slobber knocker :rockin:

Nasty weather here in VanCity today and tomorrow as well, biblical winds and rain..not going to help any walkup.

2 guesses - under 18000 souls in the stands tonite!

Bombers will be down two scores before they know what hit them! :cowboy:

You don't believe ? Not to worry - you will. :smiley:





Plus every other cheer ever provided.

A beautiful run negated by a penalty away from the play.

Make up Call??

They just showed a happy Bomber fan.

Perhaps that is our Bungle. :smiley:

He did say he only goes to 1 game a year. When the Bombers are in town.

BTW, I miss that guy. He was controversy , no doubt.

However, like him or hate him, he was entertaining.

This looks like it could be a real good battle.I hope the refs let them go at it.Lots of iffy calls going both ways

Come on Lions, I put myself out there.

Get it together. Don't make me look bad.

Even if the Lions win , your assertion the Lions are so much better than the Bombers has been proving wrong. Teams are very close.

Just a bad call,

I don't think so. Lions are MUCH stronger IMO.

Winnipeg rely on turnovers and Medlock which is a rough way to compete. Quite undisciplined as well.

But they have had a good season.

"much stronger" then why didn't they blow the Bombers out last week if they are so much better ? Why is the game tied in BC atm ??
"rely on turnovers " umm that's called good defence . Not like it's luck :roll: :roll:
BC just took a roughing penalty at the goaline which gave the Bombers a 1st and goal . I guess thats good discipline??

Four posts from you on this thread alone whining about the officials....that all ya got?