…This one is going to be a test…Schmoes all rested up after their bye and waiting to give our guys a catch-up call…Don’t like playing a guy like Riley at the best of times, especially after he’s had time to lick his wounds and laying in wait…HOWEVER…we have been in similar situations before…getting our bye and even playing a team on a short turn around week and have come up short…I hope Esks. have the sort of game that, what ever they do, get’s bungled…They still have a lot of talent sitting on the sidelines with the injury plague…maybe that’ll make the dif. We have the talent this year to bury them with a win…I just hope we come to play with intensity and take the 4 pointer…That will go along way in meeting the test…

The Schmoes have to be hungry - after losing 5 in a row. Reilly is still the biggest 1-man gang in the league; he can hurt you with his passing, his running and some unusual plays. HE'S A MONSTER!
Bombers have a slightly better running offense at this point in the season - but is that enough to compensate for a defense that concedes yards, coverage and points like they're going out of style?
As I've already said, the odds favour the Eskimos - bombers are really depleted at linebacker and starting to feeble off on their d-line. Esks will come hunting for Nichols - and without Dressler as his check-off boy their could be a really RUDE AWAKENING!

One area where bombers have an advantage - head coach. O'Shea has surpassed Jason B. Angry as a head honcho, no question!

29-22 Esks

If bombers somehow pull it off - Esks will probably can Jason

28-19. If Medlock didn't have such a bad game, add 9 points and it's 37-19 and if our receivers didn't all of a sudden start dropping very catchable throws, I figure two more TDs would have been scored. That's 51-19...I think we still need to develop the killer instinct a bit more. All in all I'm not complaining.

I had to mute the commentary once again. Rod Black sounds like 'rainman' with his repetition of facts. Some things do not need to be mentioned AT ALL. Like his constant talk that Medlock has never missed a convert in his career and then Medlock goes and misses a convert. I wasn't as mad at Medlock half as much as I wanted to smack Black. Mute button to the rescue once again....Whatever became of the play-by-play ? I don't want to hear what a player had for lunch. I want to know what is going on on the field, so do neophyte fans. Tell us the score, not a list of inane trivia. Leave that to the colour guy and the halftime panel....Black is not the only guilty party.

.......Test passed..... eyeing first and it looks like we now have a lock on second....Solid defensive game with a 'not too shabby' offensive performance gets the win....Edmonton looks like a 4th. place finisher to me....Even with their nfl returnees they lack spark...Other than Medlock having a nightmare of a game we still put up enough points to convincingly win it....Jeffcoat,Randal and Ogopogo stood out on the D and Nichols, Harris and Adams turned in a stellar performance...Honestly I think the D won this one for us and it's nice to see we're finally rounding into form for the Cup run..It's been a while since this team looked that consistent...Onward and upward as they say... :slight_smile:

When did you come to this realization about The Rotten Rodent, Rod Black?
Man, that game was Rotten Roddy's & Dismal Duane's worst in a long, long time.

Word has it they're pissed off about Mark Lee and Dunigan showing them up. As a matter of fact Mark Lee, with little to no preparation and Dunigan are not only better than Black's F-Troop but even better than Cuthbert & Suitor's half-assed predictable work.

Another key player out for an extended period.

Mo Leggatt was really favouring his arm/shoulder and didn't return. He's a tough kid, could be back in 2 to 4 games - HOPEFULLY

Dressler, according to O'Shea is out 2 games or more - that really means "or more" and I'd say Mr. Dressup will be out 4 games minimum.

Wild is questionable every week but hasn't made it back - they might let him play the last game of the season to get some sea legs going for the playoffs.

Westerman is done.

Biggest problem is the BBs don't really recruit mid-season to gap-fill the injury breaches.

No sign of a top Dlineman to replace Westerman. And while the Bombers d-linemen are good, they're not great. No monsters to shove back o-linemen in the QBs face. If bombers had a killer like Teddy Laurent or Charleston Hughes they'd be very formidable.

Javon-Santos-Knox is a solid if not spectacular LB - but he's working with a guy in the middle who's basically a glorified ball-spotter - the guy at the front of the boat keeping time during big rows

If Julia Gudino Feoli is down for any stretch the bombers feeble performance at the draft table finally gets them in the arse. Matt Coates is the backup for Feoli - Coates is Medlock's holder. Bombers got tired of drafting WR duds in the CIS - so they drafted Fatkakitie with #1 (a DT dud) and drafted a ghost with #6/#8 (ie. Geoff Gray from Uof M Bisons)

Lyle, I'm not seeing the same concerns;
We don't have multiple injuries at one position, say OL, like most others have,
We've got a WR (Dressler), DL AND National (Westerman) and LB (Wild) doing six.
On the PR we've got some talent, including Wolitarski, a National.
Wild will show up sooner than latter.
Hammy at home is a not bad time to have a hurt, or two.
My risk assessment is we loose a DL, that's trouble. Poop's a plug but he's not a rush.
Moe is the concern, although JSK @ 230 lbs. looked more than good. Weather a game with what we have stepping up, I think we're OK.
I'm still bummed on Hurl, something somebodies not telling us.

Will catch MOS on The Show tomorrow. Lets see who's more slippery and elusive, him or Harris.

Don't think its a contest W - O'Stoic is far more slippery with his words than Husky Harris is with his body. Just know Bobby Irving preps O'Shea with most of his questions and the text questions before the show starts. Only surprises is the 2 or 3 live questions they take from call-ins.

As far as Hurl is concerned - only answer is that O'Shea has a soft spot for this totally non-physical linebacker. Sam has absolutely no ability or power to remove himself from blocking and insert himself into the play. He's either a chaser or an after-the-gain type of tackler.

I disliked Rod Black long before he started doing CFL games. I learned to dislike him when he was doing WJ hockey. I have also stated my opinion years ago on this forum. It may seem that I came to this realization recently because I don't drone on and on about something I don't like. I can listen to Forde and Cuthbert and I like Dunigan but I can't listen to Suitor. Very little diff between Suitor and Black other than Suitor's playing experience. I use the mute button a lot.

If an American sports TV recruiter was analyzing our guys for possible recruitment to NFL or NCAA assignments the scouting reports might go as follows:

Rod Black - how this guy got a job, even on a minor sports network like TSN is unbelievable. No apparent game prep, just reads source college after player involved in activity. Above average voice quality but shrieks like the dickens on failed plays (3 yds or less, etc.) and too often misses key on-field stuff.

Duane Forde - a knowledgeable guy to be sure - but sounds like he's on sleeping pills. No force or energy to his presentation but could have potential as a writer or researcher for NCAA or NFL casts.

Chris Cuthbert - supposedly Canada's top football and hockey broadcaster - but really sounds like he graduated from the super tenor section of the Vienna Boys choir. Very hesitant to make calls on yardage, completions, turnovers, penalties or the like. Safe better than sorry. Inferior voice quality makes him unsuitable for USA networks.

Mark Lee - a grizzled old veteran of CBC TV when they carried sports activities. Obvious high-level sports voice. Appears eager to tell a story and works well with his color man. At 61 or 62 age may be against him.

Matt Dunigan - ex CFL all-star and MVP QB; has lost majority of his southern accent but blows the rest of the Canadian sports broadcaster away when it comes to emotion and describing great plays. Unafraid to criticize too. Could be a very good 3rd or 4th game of the week color commentator on ESPN, NBC or CBS, certainly NFL Network. A bit grizzled at 55. Only concern is mass concussion issues often have him sounding punch drunk - which is great on USA networks cuz most of our guys are punch drunk - WITHOUT CONCUSSIONS.

Conclusion - hire Dunigan to a probationary contract. Pass on the other mopes.

You hit the nail on the head, Lyle.

Hey, what about Suitor? His stuttering drives me crazy because it seems like it is on purpose. Another poster told me he is trying to sound like some American NFL announcers. I don't know, but the stuttering is increasing.