Bombers at Calgary

Anyone else think it would be nice to see Calgary stomp on Winnipeg tonight. Not sure why, maybe something to do with "wegotthecup" lol.


Not me. I hate the Stamps more. That smug look that Dickenson has on the sidelines really grates on me. BLM is super annoying too. Hopefully they lose all their remaining games.


Nope rather see them just stomp home In a hissy fit


or just break out in stomp the yard dancing :slight_smile:

I don't hate any teams nor cities. I cheer FOR my team and not against others. Although from time to time there are certain players or personalities that I do not like (purely for behavior and attitude reasons) and if a couple of them happen to be on a certain team then there's a certain 'justice' feeling when they lose a big game, but other than that I do not hate nor cheer against anyone. I've been around this league too long to not have some love for all 9 teams.


Social media can make one hate a team very easily.

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Stamps by 20.

Nothing 'makes' me like or hate anything. I'm in control of my own decisions opinions and judgments.

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Good for you, glad to see there's some else that feels the same. :+1:

I don't think there is any team I have always hated. In any given season or maybe over a period of years there have been teams I always wanted trashed for various reasons. But over the years there probably hasn't been a team I haven't cheered for at some point.

I can't believe that on a Tiger-Cats discussion board with "hating a team" as a current topic, that nobody has mentioned the team that will FOREVER be hated - that blew team down the QEW...

I hate the Arrrrghooossuck

That's the thing with the CFL, with only 8 other teams, it's easy to develop a strong dislike for most other teams.

My most "strongly disliked" teams over the years probably Montreal for the ridiculous string of success with Calvillo, Ottawa for our recent play off loses (and them getting spoiled with a GC in their 2nd year while we're going on 22 years), Calgary because we never win there and they've had a strong team in recent years that we have trouble with and Winnipeg fir obvious reasons.

Funny enough, don't have a passionate dislike for Toronto, probably due to us not having recent playoff losses to them.

Well said Prairiedog72, I also love the CFL and have for 50 years. I just thought it was interesting that out of the blue I thought I would like to see Calgary win tonight. Maybe I am just a sucker for a rookie QB Cinderella story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After reading social media I find it much easier to hate certain green teams.
Is that better?

Uhh, gee thanks .. I guess ...

Well, what kind of a fan are you if ya can't talk good trash

He's what some might call a normal human being.

A respectful one.

The hate for the Argos runs deep in our veins but in the last few years I have developed a bit of sympathy for them. The lack of support in the City of Toronto is appaling. It's sad to see such small crowds at their games and I have to applaud the dedicated, hardcore fans who are at least keeping the Argos somewhat relevent.