Bombers at B.C. ...rematch

So long as Chungh heals before the first playoff game the team is OK. If he's out the season - and who knows with bombers crazy non-disclosure information system - they're sunk. Couture is simply not strong or experienced enough to carry the mail.

And where they finish is up in the air - unless they take matters into their own hands and kill the redblacks back to back. That guarantees 2nd in west and a home game for Wad to sell tix for.

A split vs. Ottawa guarantees not having to cross-over - but 50/50 abdicating their home game opportunity . . . . and then their opponent becomes either Edmonton or BC.

Losing both to Ottawa almost certifies the bombers for cross-over duties. Who knows who they'll play although by virtue of crossing over the bombers will either face Ottawa in the semi; more likely the east final. They'd still have to get thru the Als or more likely the Ticats in the east final.

.....The back to back is definitely very important to us...We would be most appreciative of a home playoff but if it goes the other way...have to roll with the punches...Ottawa could/should put away Ham. this weekend and clinch first, for all intense and purposes, making the games against the Bombers somewhat redundant...If the Redblacks drop this next game against the Cats then the game at IGF is going to be a toughie...Still think we can win at home but that last one to end the season in Ottawa becomes a little sketchy...Playoffs should become a little clearer after this weeks action...All we can do is sit back and watch. :roll:

If Ottawa clinches first and the Bombers take the first game of the back to back, we may see a lot of backups entering that second game if the playoff picture solidifies. Both teams will try to keep some of their players healthy.