Bombers At Argo's

It's Tuesday Night Football Tonight on TSN and I'm sure most Toronto Fans will on their coach at home watching the game instead of in attendance at Uncle Roger's Centre in Toronto for the Bombers at the Argo's and Mike O'Shea's return as head coach of Winnipeg, who's going to Win this one and whats the predicted score??

Winnipeg 34 Toronto 10 Fans, no actually 10 points

48- 12 for Winnipeg. Ricky Ray is having an average season which he can’t have with so many key injuries on offence and their defense is arguably the worst in the league. This ones over by halftime. I hope there’s less than 100 people in the stands. I can’t believe the league didn’t learn after last season the fans don’t want Tuesday night games in the CFL. :roll: :roll:

Insanity - the act of repeating an action over and over in anticipation of a different result.

Where are all the Bomber and Argo fans and score predictions? Must be on Holidays, Oh yah I forgot it's Tuesday Night Football
in the CFL??

Not sure about the Bomber fans,but in all likelihood in Toronto everybody is most likely having an after supper nap so
they can stay up and watch the Blue Jay-Mariner game that starts at 10:00 o’clock tonight. I can guarantee that they’re not in route to the Rogers or stuck in traffic.I bet that if they had an on the street poll tonight in Toronto and asked the question
…are you going to the game tonight? half the people asked would respond with “The Jays are on the road tonight” or they
would say Oh!! are the Argos playing tonight ? and I would bet more than a few would respond with Who are the Argos ?
It’s sad really in a pathetic way,but outside of a small base of faithful fans,it’s rather apparent that the majority of Toronto
doesn’t give a damn about the team. :oops: :cowboy:

Easily the most entertaining first half of any game this season. Let's go Argos and get a 4 point lead in the division :slight_smile:

Damn. All this time I've been sitting on a couch when I could've been sitting on a coach. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you forget about Ottawa?

I'm sure I'll anger a few Bombers fans, but Winnipeg's starting to look like pretenders.


Insanity - making outlandish predictions that are proven wrong.


Btw, I had a great time AT the game. Were the Argos just as impressive on TV?

The Bombers shot themselves in the foot tonight with poor tackling and bad penalties...

Even though I'm a Rider fan, The Bombers have always been my no 2 team (Don't tell anyone!). IMO, the Bombers need some work on both lines... The OLine couldn't quite give Willy enough time, and they are struggling to open up holes for the run game up the middle. On the Dline, they couldn't stop the run the last 2 games against Steele and Messam... If they can get that fixed up, they will be good. No need to panic in the Peg yet after 2 losses in a row.....

Anyone else agree that with expansion this year, the depth of team rosters has been depleted? If any team has a player at a key position go down with injury, the depth players to replace those positions are fairly young and inexperienced

It's kind of nice to have a team in first in the east because they won. That's a novelty this year.

Ray was on fire last night hitting 80% pass completion with 4TD, 0 INT for 300 yards.
It will be hard pressed for anyone else to take OPW honors.

why oh why didn't Obie (Cats GM at the time) make a deal for Ray rather than the Argos? :frowning:

we could have traded Williams and Porter to the Esks, both of whom were out of the CFL soon thereafter. :smiley:

Interestingly, with all the dominance of the western teams in the CFL this year, of the Argos 3 victories, 2 have been against western teams.

And that's why they deserve to be in first place.

Have to admit the Argos with all their injuries looked pretty good and were full measure for the victory,and yes they are
in 1rst place but let’s face it in reality the Argos and Cats have already made the play-offs in the East this season,it’s
just a matter of which one winds up 1rst and which one winds up 2nd. As much as it might piss off Al’s and RB’s fans let’s face it
you are both destined to either 3rd or 4th this season. Ottawa get’s a total pass however due to the fact they are an expansion team and well honestly the less said about the goings on in Montreal this year the better…p.s. besides don’t tell anyone,but I picked Toronto in Big Dave’s for the win last night. :twisted:

18,100 fans in attendance and and an Argo win on a Tuesday night, they should play their games every Tuesday night in the future, thats a season high in attendance so for Toronto Football!

The win should be kept in perspective. It was against a team that had one day of practice and it showed. The game would have been a lot closer if it wasn't for the poor hands to the face call (which happens on almost every play from scrimmage) on the 70 yard TD.

The CFL gift rapped the win for the argos. Toronto should say thank you.

All three of the Argo fans went to the game :lol:

On behalf of the Argos - thank you.

I hope the Lions do the same if they beat the Argos on Sunday night, when the Argos will also have had only 4 days between games. :expressionless:

Indeed, traveling out to BC (which is already hard for any Eastern team) and having to play the Lions on 4 days rest is going to be a huge challenge for the Argos to try to overcome. This is just one more example of why the Argos need to find a new home and get out of the Skydump as soon as possible.

And this Sunday the Argos will have to play their second game in five days. The scheduler giveth, and the scheduler taketh away.

But the Argos are home this Sunday evening - so it is 5 days without losing a day to travel.