Bombers at Als

Jock predicted the winner of this will get 3rd in the West.

Way to early. There is 7 weeks left.

Anyway, Go Bombers Go.

Get the win and maybe shut up a FEW condescending Als fans.

Just to clear up the mistaken identity , I have not trashed other teams offences all season.

So far I don't think they've heard you 14-3 Larks with 4 minutes to the half and a Popp challenge for DPI

The frightening thing about this beat down. The Bombers DEF. is playing well. The special teams and OFF is garbage . Montreal will be crossing over.

My fault , I jinxed them. LOL.

Well this game is a write - off.

Looks like there is going to be a jam up in the East right to the end.

Looks positive for the East cross over. I see no hope for either BC or Win.

All 4 East teams are looking better then both of them.

Montreal has SK two more times and shouldn't have a problem clinching a crossover.

They are down 32 - 3 with 5 left in the 3rd.

Why are they kicking FG's ?

Can O'Shea not show some confidence and go for it ?

I get why Bombers fans are so frustrated.

Add in firing the ST coach and then having a game like this under a HC whose specialty was ST.

At least they didn't give up much for Nichols.

Montreal still will need to get their offence in to gear if they hope to make any noise in the Playoffs.

Al's sure play a dirty style of football. Lots of spearing and late hits by this team. it cost them in penalties but because it is the Bomber they are playing, not the game.

Is Jim Popp pregnant?? LOL

Have another burger Jim and maybe you will POP !


Crompton is not who will get them there ... but Cato being out-of-town through the bye-week and until Wednesday left no chance; and JC did well enough to not pull him. He needs reps having spent all but one half of the season on the IRL, but Cato has the best chance to get the offence clicking and keep the defence from spending SO much more time on the field than the offence.

Which is stupid. Why get in to game like that with a team that has nothing to lose. If the Als lost a player over it . They would only have themselves to blame.

Couple of the roughing penalties were quite marginal ... the penalty problem for the Als is MUCH more the post play lack of composure.

Kevin Glen looked good in the loss to Ott.
Their problem is D.
I think Sask should beat the Als at home.
They are due for a win. At least I hope they can.

Well fellas what can I tell ya but after this game I would say those Alouettes are now a lock to win the East and also the Grey Cup this year. No doubt about it...... book's a done deal.....Never mind the crossover the Alouettes are without a shadow of a doubt the very BEST team not only in this league but in the entire universe. That should be quite the victory parade and celebration in Montreal in November. Congratulations again to the Alouettes on a job well done-2015 Grey Cup Champions......Montreal Alouettes..... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: Without sounding too Arrogant you guys ROCK :rockin: :lol:

Don't dignify the trolling with an answer, friend. :slight_smile:

As a life long Bomber fan the only thing I can say is that I'm glad I'm old enough to remember their last Grey Cup victory.


Enjoyed every minute of that game live at BC Place in 1990 as Winnipeg rolls over Edmonton 50-11

At least CFL Grey Cup Classics do show 84 - 88 - 90 on a regular basis.

For you older guys it is fond memories and for the younger ones who were not around it would fun to watch them.

Just saying.

Agreed. And I chummed with many of the guys on the team those years and they were a great bunch. A number of them were ex CIS and Jr. was a fun time! Having said that, their first cup of that stretch in '84 was their first cup in 22 years after winning in 58, 59, 61 and 62. A history of steaky gc wins.

Looks like I'll be driving to Vikes games the rest of the season.