Bombers/ at Als.

....Pierce is starting...I hope his ribs hold-up...I'd hate to see him take another bad-shot and be sidelined for the Argos game...which seems more winnable :roll:
...Four guys missing the plane to Mont. hmmmmmm...really shows the intensity is there for this one...Maybe we should just have mailed them the 2 points :roll:
...Dorian Smith did not make the trip....ouch...bad news
...Als. defensive backfield is in bad shape....Can a nicked Buck take advantage...Guess we'll find out tomorrow... :roll:

if the "intensity wasn't there" there would be no point playing Pierce. if Pierce takes another shot and has to miss a game, I feel a heck of a lot better with Brink against TO than against Montreal. this game is plenty winnable.. I hope our O-line remembers how to play.. this is the biggest game of our year so far, we HAVE to get up for this one. the defense has the ability to stop Calvillo if they play like they can but that defense that came the last two weeks better stay home. too bad Dorian Smith is still out.

....I've got a bad feeling in starting Buck tomorrow...He is a little nicked and would have felt better if he was rested one game... However I'm not going to second guess the coach....AND you field your best no matter who you're playing providing your player(s) are healthy.... In any event I hope Buck comes out gunning and we can finally get a decent effort from the offence...then we have a shot ....otherwise....Save your bullets for T.O. :wink:

pierce gives us our best shot at winning.. if he's good to go, judging by practise reports he is.. U play him.. u cant play scared. bombers oline needs to step up, maybe with hargreaves back in the blocking improves as he seems to be a pretty reliable "blocker" out there.. more often then not used as a 6th olineman.

this is a winnable game... u play the guys who give u the best chance to win.

brink? save him for toronto. we win this one today.. we can play brink next week and i think we just might pull this off.

Bombers are going to have to play a lot better than what we have seen the past 3 weeks if they want to compete.

No more stupid penalties
Win the turnover battle
Don't give up the big plays

Basically, how they were playing the first 8 weeks of the year.

.....Does this team have a 'hurry-up' offence....What a lousey effort to end the half...Came-out like gangbusters to start the game and then the wheels fall off,,,Let me see..the Als. are supposed to have a banged-up secondary....Where the hell are the plays and our receivers to take advantage of it...Haven't seen it yet BUT if we're going to win this one we have to start stretching the field in the second-half....ALSO....we waited all this time for Tim Brown :roll: ...I hope he starts showing us something soon orrrrr the hunt for a returner has to continue :thdn:

.....Shakey finish.....BUT WOW...i didn't expect to come out of there with 2 points....GoBombers...Another step to securing the top rung :rockin:

montreal never had the lead once all game. great win on the road to remain undefeated vs eastern teams...

why the hate on for tim brown? what can he do when the blocking sucks crap. dude has potential.. it was shown on his 9 yard run on the sorta reverse..

bombers won. i see no need to complain considering we were supposed to get blown out..

10 points of turnovers for the als.. take it away.. its not close at all.. calvillo was made to look very ordinary... montreals recievers.. take one away and they become ordinary aswell..

so... to all those who said.. you havent beat montreal.. NOW WHAT? we didnt just beat montreal.. we made them look ordinanry.. at home.

road win to stay undefeated against the division, pretty much clinching us a playoff spot... how can anyone complain when we werent even supposed to show up..

team played with fire..

at the end, montreal became sore losers... bombers beat them down today... final score was closer than the game actually was.. 8-3... first in the east.. first in the league.. swaggerville took a vacation for 2 weeks but when it matters, against teams in your own division, they showed up and shut montreal down.

weird how our 3 loss's are against the west tho... i mean... really.. those are the games that are ok to lose.

4 guys missed the flight.. buck played with bruised ribs... we won. :slight_smile: be happy instead of over analyzing everything that didnt go there way cuz 8-3 is 8-3 and first place is first place.

the real bombers showed up today... i dunno could see it from the start.. had a good feeling when i turned the tv on.

thought... hey, u know what... last 2 weeks really dont mean a thing..

3 losses all to the west... 2 in a row to a western team and ppl jump off the bandwagon.. bet they back now.

I don't care what they look like, a win in Montreal is a very rare accomplishment. Sure we have some things to clean up but so do the Als and everyone else in the league.

....Killer....if you think that was a stellar performance from Tim Brown then i have to question your assessment...A fumble that put the Als. into the red zone...not one return worth talking about....c'mon...I thought we were hiding something extra special....he retired and unretired....might as well of continued collecting his pension...I'll give him a little more time but what i've seen so far has me wondering why we cut Floyd....AND potential gets you an apple and a road map out of town, with that type of performance :wink:


After this game, the thing that needs cleanin' up the most appears to be all the damn penalties we take...

Anyone know what happened at the end there? Lapo was pissed, you could see him mouth "That's BS!" to the ref, and he was pointing at some Als players.

Diamond Ferri cheap shot special on the final snap...

In other words, nothing new. Montreal always has a few of those types - Sanchez, Cox, Coborne, Ferri.....kinda like the Canucks of hockey.

I agree.. Brown was just as bad today as Floyd was for us. I haven't seen anything deserving of the hype. Maybe he's still a little bothered or something. Maybe he's just not as good as we hoped.

ok papa and bowler. I'll say this about tim brown.. last week he had a great return which was called back on a pretty weak "illegal block". that was a great return, called back by an iffy penalty.. one that they dont always call... especially if watch the replay, it was labbe and it was weak...i think one fumble in 3 games is better than floyds..

i think brown brings more on field speed than floyd as shown on his 9 yard run.. also his kick return average.. altho not great... certainly not all him, as sometimes the blocking just isnt there.. watch again.. when brown catches the ball mostly on punts or kick returns, just like when floyd was here or when jovon was doing it, regardless of who is returning the kick.. he's generally has to make about 4 guys miss and normally those 4 guys are all a few yards away when the ball gets there.. lots of bounced punts today.. shanks or just.. FOOTBALL.. montreals cover team downfield.. winnipegs cover team.. down ON THE FIELD cuz they are getting run over..

Doesnt matter who you put back there, i think brown shows plenty of potential.. speed kills.. give him 1 or 2 blocks so he only has to make 1 or 2 guys miss to gain 7 yards instead of having to make 4 or 5.

Our blocking is horrible. our whole special teams.. do we practise? because it doesnt seem like IT AT ALL.

give the d the day off and rest pierce and the receivers and backs and just.. SPECIAL TEAMS time. all day.. 2 times this week. they need to do this. brown aswell as our blockers would benefit greatly

you also have to look at punt and kick returns around the league..NOT MANY.. like 100 yard running games.. ONLY 8.. 3 by whittaker but not today.

so far, Brown looks a little better at hanging on to the ball, but we'll see. it looks like he's having some issues with that too. beyond that I feel like I'm watching the exact same player. Floyd is fast and elusive too. neither one gets anywhere with their speed.

Perry Floyd's KR/PR averages in Winnipeg, with the same blockers, were higher than Brown's are. honestly, when I'm watching the game, so far, it looks like Perry Floyd just changed numbers.

I certainly don't want him gone yet, I just don't see anything worthy of all that hype yet. As long as he's not fumbling I don't mind him back there, he just hasn't been any better than any other returner we have tried. he has the potential I agree.

x3. The expectations for Brown were quite high considering he was originally hurt in that minicamp even before training camp, they kept him around even though he didn't do anything during main camp other than "retire" and "unretire" shortly thereafter, and throughout the first 1/2 of the season. I've heard/read that he's fast and dynamic. Killer makes a good point and he's had only a couple games, but so far I'd give him a D considering all the build up and hype. Considering everything the team has done to keep him around though that has created a high level of expectation which he hasn't come close to meeting. It's still early though.

...I'll cut Tim a little slack in that our blocking has been crappy...killer is right in that respect...When we have four downfield tacklers, in our returners face in a flash , finding a lane to run in is tough...If we have to stick with Brown, i would expect him to secure the ball first and foremost...I noticed on one of his returns in the Labour Day tilt, that he tip- toed down the sidelines to the 45....but once again no blocking to speak of...We have to spring this kid wide cuz once he turns the cornor there;s not too many will catch him...His game now seems to try and finesse his way up the centre of the field where the going gets tough ... not much success especially with our blocking...Anyway, I'm hoping he gets better quick...The fields are going to start getting tougher to play-on and we need every inch in the playoffs...Tim getting better, at what he does, will go along way in attaining that. :roll: