Bombers at Als 2019-09-21

YES! Exactly! Watever happend to the Roll out pass designed plays which were so common with with the smaller faster running type QBs.
I used to love that style of play.
Guys like Flutie. Kerry Joseph. Condrege Halloway. Jeff Garcia.
A yung Warren Moon…

Now since Callivio in Montreal had great success as a true pocket passer with long drop backs. But he had that GREAT oline unit to protect him.

Now Guys like Reilly that fit that mold as a pure long big drop back pocket passer. He is getting DESTROYED.

The Als are gona see that style with Strev this week.

Ouch if Ackie is out thats really gona sting.
I would think if Ackie is out. Move Locombo back to his prime position at Will LB.
And next man up at S. Whoever that may be.
Levels. Ciante Evans and Co. Have formed a dynamic D backfield.

I just looked at the roster.
& yes indeed Ackie is on the 1 game IR.
Maybe Ty Cranston gets the nod at S. With Loko moving to Will LB.

WR Kaion Julien-Grant (from 1-game Injured List)

OL Zach Wilkinson (to 1-game Injured List)

Team & Player Notes:

  • With a win the Bombers can reach 10+ wins for a 4th straight year - they have not accomplished that in 32 years (1984 to 1987).

  • Winnipeg has won the last 5 times they have played Montreal and each of their last 3 visits to Molson Stadium.

  • Winnipeg is coming off a bye this week - they 6-0 after a bye since 2017.

  • The Bombers’ 9-3 .750 record through 12 games matches their best mark at that point since 2003 (9-3 in 2017 as well).

  • Montreal has now gone 5 games in a row without scoring a point off of an Opponent Turnover.

  • Winnipeg has created a field position edge in 10 of their 12 games this year starting on average at their own 38 (#1 in CFL).

  • The Bombers have been strong starters - they are +112 in the 1st half of games in 2019, and a modest +15 in the 2nd half.

  • The Alouettes have allowed the fewest 1st Quarter points with just 34 in 11 games (4 OPPT TDs).

  • Montreal is 6-3 in their last 9 games - their 3 losses have all been by 7 points or less (7, 3 & 2-point deficits).

Non-Tackle Defensive Play Leaders - Willie Jefferson leads by far in this combination of actions that disrupt Opponent Offences:

Player Team Tot QS FF Int KD FR
Willie Jefferson WPG 29 11 6 1 9 2
Charleston Hughes SSK 19 13 4 0 0 2

  • In Chris Streveler’s start vs Montreal last year, he led Winnipeg to a 56-10 victory with 246 passing yards and 3 TDs.

  • Andrew Harris returns and needs 92 yards rushing to reach 1,000 for the 3rd straight season (that would be a career-best streak).

  • Vernon Adams Jr. has set a Montreal for TDs by a Quarterback with 11 in 2019.

  • Montreal QB Starters Since 2016 - Vernon Adams 9-4 .692; All 8 Other Starting QBs 13-39 .250

  • Eugene Lewis - First 7 games: 17 catches for 243 yds, 0 TDs; Last 4 games: 26 for 374 yds, 3 TDs.

  • DeVier Posey - First 7 games: 9 catches for 100 yds; Last 4 games: 23 for 389 yds, 9 catches for 2nd down conversions.

  • Mike Miller is now by himself at #3 all-time with 178 ST Tackles and trails Wade Miller by 6 for the #2 spot.

  • John Bowman (130) is one Sack away from passing Vince Goldsmith (130.5) for #6 all-time.

  • Justin Medlock passed Gerry Organ moving up to #15 A/T (1,474 pts). He has made 100 consecutive converts from 32 yds.

Here is a bit more on what John said as well as Harris’ response

Good for John. Impossible not to put an asterisk next to Harris’s achievements, that’s as it should be, and Harris has only himself to blame.

Agree 100%

When Hecht came out and blasted a player for testing positive most Bomber fans chuckled, but also did not like him opening his big mouth like that. But whatever, he’s a minor player in the league.
For Bowman to take this to the media, right before this game is pretty stupid. He had 3 weeks to speak his mind.
Lets remember he tested clean multiple times this year, tested positive for a trace amount once. This does not mean his been “juicing” or “cycling” his entire career. If down the road (as it often does) it comes out that Harris was using PEDs often, then the critisism is warrented. But if it is proven that it was contamination its going to be pretty hard for some to get that big foot out of their mouth.
You only have to look at Muamba’s comment to see the right way to answer the media’s questions on it.

Blah blah blah, a Bombers fan falling over himself to excuse his star player and rationalize his behavior. Quelle surprise.

Bowman spoke his mind and I’m glad of that. Players aren’t robots and they don’t always have the same reaction to an issue. Whenever a player is caught doping, there is always going to be doubt about whatever he achieved prior to being caught. That’s the way it is. Is it unfair? More unfair than enhancing your performance illegally to gain an edge on other players? :wink:

Like I said, it’s the calibre of player here. This isn’t a hecht or even a Carter. This is a respected allstar who should have his fellow players back. It’s also the timing. If this ploy works and you get us all worked up that we shoot ourselves in the foot, then kudos. But if the comments backfire and serve only to fire Harris up then the comments are proven to be stupidly timed.

You clearly don’t know how performance drug testing is conducted. There is no such thing as a “trace amount”. You just made that up, For a test to come back positive it has to be many “folds” above normal organic levels.

A cheater is a cheater if it is Lance Armstrong, Andrew Harris or Ben Johnson, athletes who rise up to the top of their craft and test positive are clearly cheaters.

I didn’t make anything up. The majority of articles I’ve read state exactly that - trace amounts.
Whatever the threshhold is, he tested just above. 10 days earlier it was negative.

No idea why Bowman should be even commenting on this. Does anyone really think that he isn’t aware of PED use on his team?

It is surprising that he would suggest that Harris’s use has been made quiet because of him being Canadian is a puzzling thing.

I’ve often wondered about PED use and what results are revealed.

The NFL had over 20 suspensions for PED in 2018. Outside of Edleman they were virtually unknowns.
Stars seem to not use I guess. The fact that boxes of the stuff were sent to Peyton Manning were brushed off.

We watch guys ruin their bodies and minds getting smashed in a game and love it. We are supposed to get outraged because someone uses a drug to heal?

He paid is price, as accepted by Bowman’s Union. We should move on. And Bowman should quit being St. John. There already is a St. John.

Reminds me of Carl Lewis sniping at Ben Johnson. Yup Lewis was clean I’m sure.

Poor Andrew, someone contaminated his Cheerios with Dbol.

And the point was that the threshold is well above anything that is considered normal levels … like .08 alcohol level … many/most people are impaired, at least to some extent, below that but the threshold was set where it was assessed that there would be little if any doubt … the previous test could just have easily been “just” below the threshold but still well above normal.

Just before the opening kickoff the RDS guys mention that the BBs have the sun in the eyes so it might be interesting if Bede kicks it high … so he kicks it line-drive … ???

Q1 … sigh

I had a feeling that they would come out flat. Let’s hope they wake up in the Quarters to come??

Wow the D is fast ?