Bombers at Als 2019-09-21

It goes without saying, this will be a tough game. Not expecting a win, but hope to see improvements on the defence and special teams.

Very winable game! Expecting a solid win.

If Jeremiah Johnson returns to the active roster and if Tevin Floyd remains on it, it will be interesting to see which Import will come off the active roster or won’t dress. Not too many options. To me,the only option would be to dress only 4 Import receivers. One of Matthews or Wieneke out.


What I would really like to see in this game (apart from a win, duh):

A better start to the game from our offense (i.e. touchdowns in the first half).

Defense not giving up a TD or big play when we need them to hold.

Special teams to be average, not a trainwreck.

Agree. It will interesting to see how they handle the relentless pounding the BB can dish out. Might just see a new low in pass attempts combined in CFL this year.

Well i may not know wat im talking about.
But if Ackie is back & healthy at LB. & Johnson is healthy to play.
Then. Why wuld American Floyd need to dress at LB.?

Anyway. Montreal has got its mojo back.
& west teams always struggle at percival Molson unique old school stadium.
In short.
The Bombers are in trouble this week.

If any single one of the following is true, we win last week’s game:

One first-half touchdown instead of a field goal (offensive problem)
One stop by the defense when momentum wasn’t going our way and we needed it, instead of giving up a touchdown (defensive problem)
A clean snap and no fumble from Bede in the second half (ST problem)

That is a frustrating, frustrating loss.

This week, Jones needs to get our running game going again. He gets too pass-happy too quickly, and goes away from the run unless Stanback breaks off big runs early in a game. Let’s get our three-headed running monster (Adams, Stanback, Johnson) online again so we can grind away time of possession and wear down Winnipeg’s front seven.

Every CFL game that isn’t a blow-out is settled on very few plays so goes the claim.
There are, after all, 2 teams competing. Riders had their share of plays too that woulda, shoulda, coulda, had they lost.

Lets hope the Als are on the right side of those few plays/moments this week.

I think BB come out sluggish after their bye and trip out East. So I think Als moments start early.

i would like a bit more balance in offence last week 36 passes 12 runs

Agreed … based on the season thus far, a more balanced offence should result in more success and increase the number of plays run (i.e., runs need not come at the expense of passes).

Herb Zurkowsky yesterday wrote that Quan Bray would be handling kick returns again which is probably true since the team has not signed any returners.

I expect Medlock may try at least a couple of line-drive, bouncers early to see if Bray’s nerves have in fact settled … was shocked that Ryan kept punting high after the first few.

Bray is probably use to the environment at Percival Molson Stadium by now. I would be very surprised if he has the same issues as he did at Mosaic last Saturday.

Of course, one could say this is Boris Bede’s 5th year yet he still cannot figure out kicking field goals on the east side.

Yes indeed that is a dangerous trio.
& ya don’t get much better than the duo of a two headed RB Monster in Stanback & Johnson.
Montreal started off the season really with the pounding RB pounding out yards contoling clock. As VA. worked the passing game off of that.
Now teams did begin to really stack the Box heavily.
But now with Johnson in the Mix on a full time basis. He adds a different dimension. As he can bounce the ball outside on any given run play.
VA has the speed to get outside on a run and turn the corner.
I know people these days are nervous about designed run plays for QBs.
But perhaps adding a few designed run plays for VA. to get him on the edge and turn the corner.
Perhaps a bootleg of sorts. Where VA would fake a handoff to Stanback. Draw defenders in. Than bootleg the opposite way an beat containment of a DE.

There is one thing we know for sure is that Winnipeg will continue to pound the ball in the run game. Controling the clock.
Andrew Harris is back.
Streveler certainly will run the ball at QB. Unique for a QB that runs in pounding defensive players.

While Harris was out. Johnny Augustine took full advantage of his shot to run the ball very effectively.
I would think / Expect. The Bombers to use him as well
During the game to lighten the load on Harris coming down the stretch and into the playoffs.
Harris got two games off. Which actually will help him in the long haul.
Even so. Besides how much he used in the run game. He is also a big part of the passing game as well.
Hense he seems to be worn out come playoff time.
The Bombers also have a Hybrid type guy in Demski.
Although he has settled in as a receiver 1st & and also a returner. He also has been used as a quicker change up RB. a few more RB packages for him may be very dangerous.

Nice thing is that such a play can also be used to pass … if the pass is short(er) that can serve to freeze the LBs/DBs, stopping them from just going kamikaze on Adams … which will make it easier if Vernon runs.

That’s a nice assessment of our run situation. By now, teams are going to stack the box to take away Stanback as much as possible and force Adams to beat them over top. To some extent, we’ve been able to make them pay by breaking off big yardage and moving the ball downfield quickly. That’s great. But our lack of RZ finish means we come away with three points and not much time off the clock. Returning to the run game means we get to chew up enemy defenses in a long drive across the field. But having success on the ground is going to involve attacking the perimeter, as you noted.

Apparently Ackie did not practice today and is uncertain for Saturday (see end of this article on Eugene Lewis).