Bombers at Als 06/22/18

From Joey Alfieri:

The Als, who had just two full practices before their home opener, will seemingly make a couple of changes to their lineup on Friday night.

Here are some of the things I noticed during practice:

• John Bowman (ankle) wasn’t out there with his teammates. Bowman practiced on Tuesday, but he hopped on the field early and left early, according to head coach Mike Sherman. It’s unclear if he’ll be able to make his regular-season debut on Friday night.

• Safety Joe Burnett is dealing with a quad injury. He wasn’t out there for practice today, so seeing him suit up against the Bombers is unlikely to happen.

• Luc Brodeur-Jourdain is dealing with an undisclosed injury, per Sherman. He didn’t practice today, either.

• Veteran defender Chip Cox was a healthy scratch in last week’s game against the Lions, but it looks like he’ll be making a return to the lineup on Friday night. Cox took a number of snaps with the first-team defence on Wednesday night (it appeared to be at the expense of rookie Tyquwan Glass).

• Canadian receiver George Johnson, who has been out since early in training camp, took a few reps with the first-team offence. He could be closing in on a return in the near future.

• Sean Jamieson was practicing at right tackle with the starters today. It looks like Montreal will start four Canadian offensive linemen on Friday night.

• The secondary dropped quite a few potential interceptions on Wednesday. Mitchell White had a ball bounce right off his hands moments before Jermaine Robinson had the same thing happen to him. Robinson did a handful of pushups after his blunder.

• The Als leaned on Tyrell Sutton quite a bit in Week 1. Given his running style, I wonder if they want to keep him a little fresher in games. They gave backup running backs Stefan Logan and William Stanback some carries with the first-team offence during practice, so those guys might get the ball a little more during a game so that Sutton can take a break once in a while.

• Quarterback Matthew Shiltz, who suffered a back injury during training camp, is expected to miss two more weeks of action.

• It’s pretty clear that Jeff Mathews is Drew Willy’s backup quarterback now that Antonio Pipkin is no longer in the picture. Mathews got a few reps with the starting offence. Willy is still the guy.

• Fun fact: Practice roster receiver Chris Harper has changed jersey number. He’s wearing number 6 instead of number 8 (the more you know).

A thought, the first two gmes taught us lessons on how to lose, maybe our coaches can deduce from that how to win. Our D will have to confuse the BB offence and our O must try not to give the game away. A very winnable game in my opinion.

Winnipeg is a very good football team and a RB like Andrew Harris is a nightmare for a Stubler Defense, I would not be surprised to see AH put up close to 200 yards combined.What would be very worrisome and damaging is to find themselves with the worst offensive output for a second consecutive week.


Faith Ekakitie
John Bowman
George Johnson
Garrett Fugate

Paul Zokachuk
Ruben Carter (out 4-6 weeks)
SJ Haidara (released)
Antonio Pipkin (released)

-Chip Cox is now listed as the backup SAM LB instead of 3rd string safety.
-Sean Jamieson starts at RT.
-Willian Stanback is now listed ahead of Ryder Stone as the backup to Tyrell Sutton.
-George Johnson is listed above Stephen Adekolu.
-John Bowman's practice time was minimal this week, so he might not play.
-Team announced the released of CJ Moore.

Herb Zurkowsky's article today talks about how Mike Sherman's previous teams started out slowly (0-2 and 1-4) but then made the playoffs. However, Sherman's record this year is actually 0-7 if you count pre-season games and his time at Your Call.

Zurkowsky also says the team is not signing Vernon Adams.

THAT is the kind of exclusive scoop for which we count on Herb ... who else knew?

:wink: :-*

The Als played well in BC for the first quarter but then got away from running the ball. I’d like to see them stick with a strong running game again. Once they move away from the run, the defense tees up on Drew Willy.

Tons of intrigue for tonite's game.

Als have a stout defense which could restrict Streveler's advances; and while Willy has been tabbed the ultimate mediocre QB he can still heave the football - and if the bomber D keeps providing free land grants - the bombers can be toppled.

Add to that the obvious but mostly unspoken coaching weaknesses in bomberland. Richie Hall's time has come and gone as a respected defensive coach - Richie has really struggled the last couple years, he's barely getting by.

And while Mike O'Shea has been anointed a type of King in Winnipeg - he's the worst tactical head coach in the league - and there's more than a few of those to go around. What keeps O'Shea around is the obvious fact he's been able to pull the wool over Wade Miller's eyes, also Kyle Walters - and while he's weak tactically his players love him and the team tends to play tough and inspired more often than not. Not O'Shea's fault that Walters & Miller blew the same gasket they've been blowing for years in not finding a solid #2 QB in the pipeline (although Streveler is prolly that guy now)

With Willy as the Als starting gun slinger (dink and dunk passes) and lack of mobility, Bombers d should be able to hold their own.

And with the Als o lack of offense, will result in their d playing the better part of 60-70% of the game.
There is only so much they can do before fatigue sets in for them and they are looking for the O2 masks on the sidelines.

This game will be interesting for both teams no doubt.

Exactement. Et les défensives de Stubler ne sont pas reconnues pour cumuler les "2 essais, on botte".

Je ne m'attends pas à une victoire des Alouettes, et possiblement un résultat plus pénible que la semaine dernière, maintenant que les défensives adverses savent comment faire craquer la protection autour de Willy.

J'ai vu beaucoup de 3-4 la semaine dernière pour contenir Jennings. Est-ce qu'on verra la même stratégie pour tenter de contenir Harris?

Winnipeg 28 vs Montreal 15

Well based on that opening drive, it may not be long before Johnny starts a Fire Rich Stubler thread.

That was horrid defending.

Or now with the Bombers scoring a TD.
Harris behind two ALS DB’s in the end zone.

Everybody bit on what they thought was a hitch pass, Dozier & Ellis in particular.

We got one first down and we forced one two-and-out.

Horrible first quarter.

ALS score an offensive TD.

Nice work by rookie Strevinsky thus far

but, I suspect bombers will need all of 34 pts to secure victory tonite - u never know how many times a Richie Hall defense will collapse!

Mike Sherman, the ex-NFL coach looks as puzzled and disassociative as Mike O'Shea was in his first year.

Looking good so far.

Reed’s focus on his d surely paying off at this point.

Gotta love drew ******* Willy.

Blocked punt. End result. TD Bombers.