Bombers at Alouettes - 8/24/17

It will be interesting to see how many fans show up tonight. And if they lose, will be even more concerning for the remainder of the season.

Do I ever remember them Sheldon! And it's a fact the owners and the Als' staff should research. It almost killed the franchise. Thankfully, Sam Berger bought it and a great period started. Do you also remember Ted Workman? That guy made me cringe even today. And Jake Goddard who unfortunately had vision on par with fossilized wood..

Rhodes threw Hervey under the bus I agree
In spite of a 6-0 start hasn't moved attendance or exposure one bit. He's out of bodies and Karma is coming for him too.

RDS just had their little clip from the locker room with JC firing up the guys and they looked FLATTER than a pancake.


Coverage sack for John Bowman

Als get off light .... BBs looked like they were heading for 7

Great scramble followed by THAT >:( >:( >:( >:(

I think durant is a spy and plays for other teams...thats just not normal...

Another Durant crappy interception, costs a TD. Bring on the backup! Oh wait, he's worse.

Wasnt Nichols like a 3rd qb reject? Point being Winnipeg gave him a chance to develop and boom…ahummm something the Alouettes have failed to do since Ac

Not a single Al in the vicinity.

GREAT return by Logan

Can Kavis pull a Pierre Gauthier and trade Logan mid-game while his value is high?

And they've done little to prove me wrong.
Thankfully, while I love my favourite teams I don't let my self-worth/happiness depend on their success, or lack thereof.

Now a fumble, wow Durant is a train wreck?

Despite Olafioye being out the Als tie the game.

Nothing makes sense about this team.

And then Boris gives them the ball at the 45


THANKFULLY BBs wasted the slim chance they were handed

Gotta love George Johnson; he makes the most of the chances he gets.
Best National Receiver Als have drafted in many years??

Lost the feed - thanks Rodawful!

Congratulations, Nik Lewis!

Screw you, team!

Congratulations Nik on your achievement. Well done.


Having your hopes up only to get them crushed really sucks! Thanks Durant ::slight_smile:

Kudos to Nik Lewis for the record! It is amazing that he caught 10 passes tonight.

What happened to Jovan Olafioye? I only watched the 2nd half, and Matte slotted to LT while Matt Vonk went to RG. The latter also got injured and was replaced by Chris Greaves, who until recently was a prison guard in Winnipeg.

Also, Chip Cox has become a liability on pass coverage. He couldn't make a tackle to save his life!

The other thing is that while I believe that Chap has a good offensive mind, he is an other living proof that having both the HC and OC titles is too much of a burden for a coach to have.
I believe that while he should still calling the plays, he should delegate and give the OC title back to Anthony Calvillo.