Bombers at Alouettes - 8/24/17

-Tyrell Sutton sits with a minor knee injury. Brandon Rutley Starts.

-Dominique Tovell is under concussion protocol. Anthony Sarao moves up from Practice Roster to Starting MLB for the game.

-Ivan Mclennan moves from the 1-game injured list to the Practice Roster.

-SJ Haidara goes on the 1-game injured list

-Samuel Giguère and Jonathon Mincy took reps as a returner. Jacques Chapdelaine said he was just looking at options should Stefan Logan become injured during a game.

Presently only 20 Nat. on active roster. I expect Nat. DB Tevaughn Campbell to be added; presently on 1 game injured list.


Didier Orméjuste? says Dominique Tovell has been 6-gamed. Rick Moffat responded that Tiquan Underwood is stuck on the 1-game.

That must mean no changes in the ratio with the Als continually using 3 imports at receivers and on the OL. With the injury to Tovell, the Als could have tried to fit Nicolas Boulay somewhere at linebacker. But all season, the Als have avoided that scenario.

The SJ Haidara injury is going to be tough to overcome. Hopefully he is only out for 1 game.

Très comique,Sheldon.

We might as well laugh than cry.


Well Richard, a couple of more losses and you may catch me crying. I could never switch to another team.

When the Als folded in 1987 I became a Bills fan, suffering through the 4 Super Bowls. I would only watch the odd CFL playoff game and the Grey Cups. I only returned to the CFL and the Als in 1998. There`s like a 10 year gap in my knowledge of the CFL.

But today it`s not much better to be a Bills fan than an Als.

Same with me. I'll die an Als fan, at least in the CFL. No excuses, but injuries to key players, particularly Nat. starters have had a negative effect. Yes, I did not agree will all the moves made by Kavis, but I don't blame him. The team was in a mess and I blame Jim Popp. Was not too confident before the season began and I am less now.

In the NFL I have always been a Patriots fan. Results have been better than the Bills; never been a fan of the Bills, even when Marv Levy was their Head Coach.


Richard, I admire your blood being bleu blanc et rouge.
But to keep coming back to injuries, just look at the Eskimos who have lost 20 players so far.
I do not care if they are National or International. They are injuries and teams have to adjust.
To me, Reed has failed in this category.
Why is it the Esks went out and got Chick this week to shore up his DL?
Why is it the Stamps continue to be on top of the league year after year?

I also feel he failed signing Durant to that outrageous contract. 93 yards in a game with a costly INT.
Sorry, unacceptable. Not even 100 yards passing. He should have been benched sooner.
And this was not Popp who signed him.
Glenn has better stats so far for almost half the salary and he is also older.

And it was not Popp who traded Adams away either for a desperation move to get a National player who had yet to play this season.

And it was not Popp who let Green and Woods go.

Green had 128 yards and 2 TD's in the first half alone!

Where was Jackson?!

And then you have Chaps as HC who can not adjust and has an offense almost as bad as last season.

One game to go before the halfway point. RB are one point behind.

This past week what has Reed done to make any adjustments to the roster?

I will be very surprised if they win against the Bombers who have won 4 in a row.

With both Reed as GM and Chaps as HC, I do not see this organization making the playoffs for the third season in a row.

You could be right in regards to Green. But given Durant's passes typically are dunk passes, this is where Green has the advantage. Yards after catch.
In any event, he is no longer in the bleu, rouge et blanc.

Als position chart for the game. Not sure why the team intentionally creates something that they know is inaccurate information.

First,Tony, I expect the Als to lose against the Bombers tomorrow.

Early in 2017, I was definitely not in favour of signing of Darian Durant. I even wrote -and I was laughed at by someone on this site- that I would sign Kevin Glenn. If my memory serves me well, I do think that Sheldon was of the same opinion.

Edmonton has had many injuries,but until recently most of their injuries were to Int. players. Easier to replace Int. players. Tomorrow, the Als will have 5 Nat. starters on the 6 game injured list. Against Winnipeg, last week, Edmonton had more Nat. players injured forcing them to play less Int. WR's and they lost to Winnipeg. As GHT120 wrote, it is easier to replace players when you have depth on the roster. The Als don't have Nat. depth-and Kavis Reed can't be blamed- to replace Blake, Gagnon and Beaulieu. An Int. OL had to be added to replace Blake/Gagnon thus forcing them to play 1 less Int. player.

No, Jim Popp did not decide to trade/release S.J. Green and Bear Woods, but high salaries agreed to these players by Jim Popp forced Kavis Reed to make these decisions. Furthermore, the doctors told Kavis, in early 2017, that S.J. may not be OK to play the full season in 2017; given these informations, Kavis signed Ernest Jackson in February 2017; when he realized a few months later that S.J. should be OK, he then knew that he could not afford these 2 Int. WR's and S.J. was traded to Toronto,since he refused to take a pay cut; the Argos are paying him no more than $170,000, since Kavis gave S.J. his $70,000 signing bonus in February, as per the agreement; at that time he definitely did not have the intention to trade S.J., otherwise he would have not paid the bonus. Contrary to Bear Woods, S.J. understand/understood Kavis'decision; Bear is still mad at Kavis,because,unlike S.J., he is being paid much less than he would have been in Montreal; apparently it's $50,000 to $75,000 less.

So,Tony, which adjustments should have been made by Kavis,for tomorrow's game? I would like to know. Where could he find Nat. starters? Yes, Edmonton did trade for 34 years old John Chick but they had to give a second round choice to Hamilton in 2018. The Als don't need a John Chick.


He cut Ruby a 24-year-old with 22 starts as a starter, now none will argue that Ruby was not ready to start as a Tackle but man when you dump a kid like that and then pick up Vonk off a couch somewhere and now you give him an excuse why he had to start 3 imports on the line ! And then Edmonton picks him up for nothing and will develop him into a quality starter. I know it. They have a primo line coach and will take the time it takes with him.

Durant: When interviewed after the game where he could not put 100 yards and one drive together said "There are games like that" No biggie!

Chapdelaine tells the fans we are entering our "playoff season" knowing full well this stretch of the game was going to decide their season. 1 and 2 and now. oh well... It happens :slight_smile:

Where is Kavis ? Where is the President of this team ? Both in hiding.

Those things are unacceptable. They boggle the mind actually and now in an emergency situation created by "The Great Kavoo" They refuse to play Plesius or Boulay at LB! Instead playing a raw rookie out of College that has never started a CFL game.

The Bombers are going to Shave this team like Schwartz Smoke Meat.

How many downs has Ruby played this season? To the best of my knowledge none.

In 2016, the Als allowed 64 sacks with Ruby amongst the starters; after 8 games in 2017 only 13. I don't know of any of the Als OL starters in 2016, no longer with the the team, that have started a game with another CFL team in 2017. The offensive line has been improved in 2017, even if you say-HxTC- that Luc Brodeur-Jourdain "has no more juice".

Where do you want Kavis and the President? In the line-up?


Matt Vonk was signed right before the season when Jacob Ruby was still on the team. For the 1st game of the year, Vonk dressed and was the 6th lineman while Ruby was on the 1-game injured list. Als simply picked Vonk ahead of Ruby for whatever reason. Whether that reason is ability, work habits, contract terms, or something else, I am not exactly sure why.

At least our Als President hasn`t stabbed anybody in the back.

Sunderland better not get too powerful in Edmonton, Mr. Rhodes doesn`t like that. Just ask Mr. Hervey.

Richard, Kavis put himself in this financial situation by giving Durant over $400k. Hence the cutbacks to other players such as Green and Woods. And Woods has every right to be mad. What kind of organization (GM) brings his MVP d player to TC only to knock on his door at 5 am the first day to tell him he is no longer needed?!
I would have never hired Reed nor Chaps for that matter. I do not think either one of them will bring this organization to above mediocrity.
In fact, I look at the owner who has his fingers all over this team and the current state.

The last five years and especially the present one are very troubling. Of course teams all need a rebuilding phase at some points however, the present stretch is far beyond a reasonable length. For the last two years, the shadow of 1987 worries me. Will the fans stick with the team much longer?

This could very well be a determining year for the future of the franchise. Even the most rabid fans can only handle so much.

The Wetenhalls chose Kavis Reed over Sunderland because he was agreeable to keeping the francophone coach in Chapdelaine who the owners wanted. Sunderland would probably have chosen someone from the Redblacks he was familiar with, Jaime Elizondo or Mark Nelson.

The thing is this. Sure francophone fans prefer having a coach addressing them in French, but like all fans they want that to be after a win, not after a loss.

At this point I have my doubts about Kavis Reeds ability to judge and find talent, as well as Chapdelaines ability to produce an effective offense. Although I feel he is handicapped by a lack of playmakers on offense and weakness at the C and G positions.

And by the way Pocho, I certainly remember Sandy Stephens. Also Joe Francis, Bubba Marriott, Warren Rabb, George Bork, Carroll Williams, etc. Pretty good considering I have no clue what I had for breakfast this morning. :slight_smile: