Hard to believe but yes, tomorrow is gameday already. Argos with two games this week, first up is our Bombers.

According to this mornings released depth chart, Neufeld is back pushing Swiston off the roster. No Nick Moore or Johnny Sears for at least another week. Interesting that Richardson, one of two backup DLs comes off the roster giving us 5 on the DL plus a converted undersized Cornell. Thankfully not much roster turnover on a very short turnaround between games.

Argos depth chart shows Steve Slaton moved to the top spot on the RB depth chart. Two of the last 3 games they've played Slaton has been a major contributor catching the ball, and in their last game started running the ball. Without Owens, Durie, and now Coombs, Slaton has started to emerge as a little spark.

This game IMO stacks up in favor of our Bombers. We can't afford to keep making special teams mistakes that allow other teams to hang in the game and cut out the turnovers. We rebounded well after the last loss, expecting the same tomorrow. GO BLUE!!

Nice to have Neufeld back on the o-line, need to get that running game going like the last time these teams played. Short week might be a problem (especially since Tor comes off a bye) but after losing against Sask, the players are probably happy for the quick turnaround. Early line has the Argos as 1 point favourites.

Argos as 1 point favourites? I guess just home field advantage. . . not that there's much home field advantage in Toronto.

With Owens, Durie, Coombs, and Barnes all out, their offence shouldn't scare the Bombers' D.

And their defence is a pale shadow of what it used to be under Chris Jones. Your guys should be well aware of how to attack a Tim Burke defence.

So I predict a comfortable Winnipeg victory tomorrow.

A Tim Burke DC is a lot harder to figure out than a Tim Burke HC.


......AND an Etchs defence is a lot harder to figure out than both of those guys.... :lol: I hope we confuse them tonight and Ricky spends a lot of time trying to find an escape route...Can't let this guy get into a rhythm or we're in trouble...D could win this one for us... :thup:

Ain't that the truth. Here is what Milanovich had to say:

So will Toronto have an advantage having seen Bombers defensive co-ordinator Gary Etcheverry's defence already? "I always feel more comfortable with having seen multiple games of film," Argos head coach Scott Milanovich said. "For instance, yesterday we were looking at one aspect of our offence and you get a list of coverages. Usually you maybe get six coverages. Etch had, like, 20."

From ... e-answered

So yes, Etcheverry can confuse the Argos. . .and, with no Barnes or Chiles, Owens, Durie, or Coombs, I am standing by my prediction of a comfortable Winnipeg victory tonight. With their weakened offence going up against the mad scientist, your offence won't have to shoot out the lights to win this one.


Overall, good start. Couple of good returns by Stoudemire, nice throw by Willy to Watson for the TD, and Grigsby with a big run early.

Argos might not need to pass the ball at all if the tackling doesn't get any better. On a brighter note, Stoudemire looks good early as does the o-line.

When's the last time the kicking team got flagged for an illegal block? We'll take it though.... :smiley:

Man does he ever; serious wheels on that kid. Where's he been before this game?

Heck, Stoudemire keeps this up and he'll get in on D yet with the way some of the starters are tackling so far. Brutal.

I guess this is what we'll have to expect going forward, teams trying to run down our throats until we can stop it.

Getting little pressure on Ray, and he easily evens up the score again. One free guy deep, one free guy coming across underneath, and a third free guy running and out curl to the corner of the endzone on that TD. Three free Argos and no pressure on Ray. What is everyone on D doing?

Agreed there, wolverine, Etch is going to blow a gasket at halftime.

Noticed Markus Howell on the sidelines wearing a long sleeve T with a blue gold cammo pattern on the sleeves. Wonder if thats a sign of what the Bombers signature jersey might look like. Sorry, didn't get a pic.

Ray is picking us apart like he did most of last year. Hopefully that gasket MadJack says Etch will blow will fire up someone on D. Someone other than Washington I mean, who's already taken a couple dumb penalties. We have to do something to derail his accuracy in the 2nd half.

Ray having his way with your defence with his depleted lineup is something I did not see coming. Etch better earn his salary and come up with some adjustments at halftime.

Thankfully the 3rd Q is over. Romby Bryant's head doesn't seem to be in the game. Seemed to run the wrong route in the 2nd quarter on a throw from Willy, a boneheaded penalty on the sidelines and a fumble in the 3rd Q. Just terrible. Not one of Walters' best additions.

What happened to Denmark? An early throw and catch, but nothing since.

NUTS. Ray scrambling to throw for a TD to get the Argos the lead again. When did he learn to scramble?

So after losing that long Romby TD on the penalty, those were perhaps the two worst plays ever. On 2nd down it looked like the Oline didn't even get a hand on anyone. Just terrible Oline play.

What an awful PI call!

Who knew the tackling could get any worse than they exhibited in the Eskimos game? Extra time to prepare paid dividends for the Argos while having had only one practice showed for the Bombers.

Although it was close for 3 quarters and that TD pass called back for penalty really hurt, we had no business winning this game. The offense sucked, the D sucked. Only close due to 1 guy.
Willy needs to be pulled, he's going to need some rest.