Bombers @ Argos

Um, I guess I have to start a new thread for this game.

Did anybody see Van Zeyl's end zone tackle on the missed Argo field goal? That was some MAJOR league hustle there. He's listed elsewhere as 6'7" 275, but TSN had him as 6'8" 300. Either way, he plays like a much smaller guy. Big guys aren't supposed to move that fast. Incredible.

Beauty kick by Renaud.

Injuries killing the Bombers! Losing Logan a killer!

Nice throw by Brink

Brink, what are you doing in there scoring TD's? Don't you know all the couch doctors think you should be sitting? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn't Toronto use him offence a few times last year? I think he actually caught a pass out of the backfield at least once.

Rod, please learn how to say Blue Bombers properly, ok?

This is turning into an interesting contest. 1 point game.


No it wasn't. Had he led the receiver, they had a TD; instead, he underthrew it so Denmark had to slow up; that allowed Carroll to recover and catch up. .. but fortunately for Winnipeg, not only did he catch up, he overran the play. So it was Carroll's mistake, not Brink's throw.

He's listed as an offensive tackle, but he sure looked on special teams, at least on that play.

Whatever, MadJack

Agreed - he's underthrown a couple.

Well it's another field goal try for the Bombers after Brink overthrew the receiver in the end zone. At least they still got the lead.

The play I'm thinking of, he probably lined up at tight end. From his bio on the Argos website: "Made first career catch (06/09/10) on a 10-yard pass from Cleo Lemon early in the third quarter…Was injured on the play and did not return to the game…"

That ball was secured, but it looked like Beasley had losts of room to run....why slide?

IIRC, that was on Labour Day against the Cats.

He certainly has the height, but he’s also really BIG at 275-300ibs. I imagine he could be secret weapon for the Argos if he can stay healthy.

Ray has a nice touch to hit Owens in flight - TD; 18-13 Argos at the half.

Let's see a steady dose of Simpson runs for the 2nd half! looks like Charlie with those cuts in traffic :rockin:

So Winnipeg had their first lead of the season... for about a minute and a half. Ouch.