....A game to be very wary of the opposition...Nothing to win or lose = LOOSE....We have to play them like they're the Als. in a final...period...Some of their players are looking to solidify positions for next year and i don't expect them to lay down...Watch out for 'tricky O'Shea' i say....or we could get stung...I'm sure Lapo has gone through all of the scenarios with our guys...We have to be ready...don't take the foot off the gas now...GOBIGBLUE :thup: :rockin:

I think the defense will keep Jyles in line this time. Hopefully the o-line will step up, allow Buck to stay on his feet and not get smashed to the frozen tundra over and over.

Its Owens kick returning that I’m worried about. That guy is dangerous and we have some room for improvement defending against that.

No $5 fines in this thread so far :smiley:

If Toronto wins by more than 14 points, they win the season series.

Keeping Owens bottled up will be a big plus. They've done a decent job against him but he's been shown more ability to get loose this last third of the season. Boyd, if he plays and gets touches, could be another key. Bomber D have only allowed 2 individual 100+ plus yard games against, last week to Whittaker and Boyd the last time they played TO. Boyd has been big lately, 15 for 132 yds last week vs Edm and 18 for 148 yds 2 weeks ago vs calgary. If they shut'em down early they will be able to limit his touches, they can force the Argos to the passing game which is still a work in progress and Jyles is mistake prone.

Don’t forget our secret weapon… Milt Stegall will be among the alumni honoured before the game and we all know what the Bombers record is when Milt’s honoured. :wink:

Milt Stegall will be among the alumni honoured before the game ...
Cool ... I might actually get to see a kickoff for once :D

…Same line-up today as the one we played against the Als. …Worked once…hopefully again… :roll: :thup:

since it's Toronto it probably will but we need to go back to Renaud at punter after this one. all other things equal (neither Boreham or Renaud are punting well this year) at least Palardy has chemistry with Renaud as his holder. last time they switched holders on Palardy (to JJ) he ended a long streak with a lousy game, beginning with a way-wide chip shot. now in his first game with Boreham.. first FG attempt is a way-wide chip shot.

just hope our offense can be more consistent tonight.

...I want an investigation into the reffing of this game....what a load of bull$hit.......The time keeping and blowing down of plays that cost the Bombers FIRSTLY a stop...which resulted in points for the opposition THEN SECONDLY the B.S.on the the closing plays of the game...Confusion galore that shouldn't happen in a professional league :thdn: :thdn: This one stunk to high heaven AND if you have to play with that kind of officiating/time keeping....sorry you aren't playing on an even field...It seems like someone slipped somebody some cash :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: The biggest pile of crap i have witnessed in a loooooong time :thdn: Lapo has to challenge this with the league office....

i just heard on t.s.n. that they somehow witnessed the dirtiest hit EVER ON A QB. ...Hey tsn jokers....did you forget the Kuale hit on Pierce earlier in the year that also resulted in Kuale being ejected...another load of BULL$HIT :thdn:Apparently according to Shultz Sears should be kicked out of the league....Then Kuale should have suffered the same fate....Shultz GET LOST your Toronto homer bias is showing :thdn:

...NO Cup appearance with that offence of ours....special teams disaster...and i have to question some of Lapos calls :thdn: Something guys on here have complained about...over and over ad nauseum... :thdn: Horse dodo guys :thdn:
There that feels better :cowboy:

....Sears hit on Jyles....Looked excuse for that type of play....dealt with properly as was Kuales hit on Pierce earlier on in the year....I would like to see game suspensions rather than piddly fines for this type of play...Get on it HIGGINS..

Just when you think the reffing can't get any worse and that we've seen it all, they find a new way to screw it up!!!! Not that it mattered too much because we seem to make these" poor excuses for football teams" look legit. Hey Papa, don't you know you're not allowed to complain about officiating on this forum even when we just witnessed that crime? For along time i've said that it's not the penalties that are called that are bad, it's the ones that aren't called and when they are called. They give the Argos 2 chances on 3rd and short when we stopped them, using the same call they will use against us to create chaos and lose us some valuable time"play wasn't whistled in." Momentum and field position are 2 very important aspects to win a game and the refs can and do affect these. I sure hope this kind of crap doesn't happen in the GC!! It don't look too good!! We probably didn't play well enough to win, but who called in the Keystone Cops to ref this game?

Big difference is that Jyles had given himself up on the play and on the ground, much worse than Kuale in my opinion. Both were wrong but Sears IMO could have broke Jyles neck. If this was the NFL he'd be fined 20k and probably suspended for 4 to 8 games but this being the CFL the commish has zero powers to discipline players beyond a game and 500.00, that's what protecting a life in the CFL is worth.

…The degree to which Kuale went…leaving his feet to place a helmet to helmet on Pierce…sorry …i don’t see any difference…He could’ve done sever damage to Buck…These types of hits should not happen AND there is no proper recourse for the league officials…This has to change…Whatever Kuale received …so should Sears… Until they put some teeth into the offence, for the league office, that’s all that can be given…

Not defending the Sears hit, it was wrong. Maybe further fines are warranted, but Cory Boyd should shut up! Going on about how the refs throw flags every time Buck is hit is just stupid,stating Jyles is a running QB as opposed to Buck is asinine.He sounds like he's in primary school. How many times has Buck had helmet to helmet hits this year and nothing been done about it? There were several, but the Sask hit where his helmet flew off was the worse. Nothing was done and I argued with Rider fans who said it was a glancing blow, as if that matters. If anything, the flags aren't thrown because it seems as if they perceive Buck to be tough enough to take it.

Just another stinker put up by this team and their uber conservative head coach against another bottom feeder. Wouldn't really bother me so much except for the signifigance of the game. Can't really blame just one area of the team either each phase took it's turn in contributing to the loss. Just a very lack luster performance all around with all the same discipline problems rearing their ugly head again.

Mostly pissed about the lack of focus after hearing all week from the coach how he was addressing it, nice going Lapo.

...Getting back to the actual game....What a farce...I'm still seething...Murray Clarke should be reprimanded for his handling of that mess...Are the officiating crews just out to screw over the Bombers...Let's look at the bungling

...Obvious face mask on Garrett...right in front of the ref..... Horse collar on Garrett...NO CALL
..Face mask on Buck in the first quarter....NO CALL
..Play blown down because an Argo just felt like taking a knee for no other apparent reason than stopping play...Is this a new rule...then the Bombers should be using it...
...Play blown run successfully by the Bombers....Clarke says NO PLAY when everyone in the country could see it was a leagal play that should have continued
...Time running costing the Bombers downs in the last plays of the game that should have been corrected...NO CORRECTION
...Barker way out on the field getting preferential treatment from the officials when he should have been flagged or told to get the hell back on the sidelines....NO CALL
...Boyd taking a 3 minute break on the sidelines, which was totally ignored by the refs...He returned to the next series of downs....No injury...just a little restbite so he could catch his breath..What a laugh

The officiating in this league is a major joke...It's costing teams bigtime...IT LOOKS PHONEY AND BUSH...If that's what they come-up with in the Cup game ,then which team could ever think of themselves as a champion and a true winner..What a disappointment to teams players and coaches who put long hours in to produce a winner only to have it snatched away by incompetence.......End of rant...I will hope for better BUT i think it might be in vain after the horrendous reffing dumped on the Bombers this season :thdn: :thdn:

I actually think the hit on Buck in the first game was worse. Jyles slide late, and IMO Sears was already launched. The hit on Buck the guy took a couple steps AFTER buck threw the ball and popped him in the head.
I'm not defending the hit, just saying now another team knows how we feel when it happens to our QB.

Lauched ? A player is not allowed to leave his feet and leading with the head.

…LOOK…intent to injure is INTENT TO INJURE…I don’t care how you want to cut it…AND if Mr. Shultz of tsn thinks Sears should be banned from the game…I want the same thing handed to Kuale…Fair ball Shultzie…What an arse and ignoramus :lol: :thdn:…Kuale launched himself at Buck with the sole purpose of putting him out of the game and there’s no disputing that fact… could’ve been a career ender end of…There’s also no excuse for the action of Sears…They are one in the same

It's bad when your team plays dirty and knocks out the other team's QB -- even worse when you can't win playing dirty!
I'm just plain disgusted with this team.