.....This is a game we should win....HOWEVER...there should be no let-up ...offensively or defensively...Play these guys like they are the Als. or we could be sadly disappointed....Argos had a lot of smoke and mirrors going for them last year and were full of surprises as i recall...(fakes on 3rd down) They may resort to this type of play as their backs are firmly pressed against the wall...I hope we're not similarly duped in this game...As well we have to stop the silly penalty scenario...Keep the refs. out of this one....Hopefully we'll come away with the 2 points....GoBig Blue :thup: :rockin:

.....seems the media is tagging us as 'over-dogs' in this tilt....So would that mean the argos are 'dead-dogs' :roll: :lol: Who comes-up with this stuff

this is bad because I'm pretty sure we have never stopped a fake punt.. lol

eh.. what can you do? Pierce and Reid go down early.. Brink and Volny go down in the middle of the 2nd half..

it's a minor miracle they were in it till the end anyway. and that minor miracle is Clarence Denmark

as long as Pierce/Brink is ok for Montreal ... we can find an RB somewhere ... if they're both seriously hurt ... this season is in serious jeopardy ... honestly, Goltz isn't going to cut it. We need to bring in someone to even have a chance, and it better be Leak or heck maybe even Lemon but we need someone other than Goltz

......I guess we're the whipping boy so as the bottom feeders can stick around this year :lol: Suspect refereeing in a wild game..Don't like the look of the injury situation....Goltz're the man at qb..... :roll: : It would be laughable if not for the fact we lost all of our running game as well....Coaching has to be questioned again....Why wouldn't we at least 'try' a field-goal at the beginning of the game, instead of that lame 5 yd. gain on the punt...Lapo...not very astute...Just one of the bad calls by him this year.....DUMB.. :thdn: We'll be fielding the hospital version of the Bombers against the Als. i guess.....We better have some answers for the injuries :roll:

Has to be one of the strangest games I've ever seen! Hard to believe.
The Argos are the most INEPT pro football team ever!
They only win by 1 pt. after 2QBs and 2 RBs go down and then need some BS call by the ref when the ball hits the upright, then Pre misses the FG.
If we had played like last week this game would have been a blow-out.
It seems this Proulx crew calls a penalty or two on every play.