Bombers @ Argos

First time home for the Argos, I think they are going to come out flying! But Winnipeg has proven to be no pushover. It's going to be a close game but I think Bombers by 5.


I doubt either team comes out flying. It'll likely be another ugly game like the last meeting. Let's hope it doesn't drag on and cut into the Calgary-Edmonton game. :lol:

For sure on hoping it does not drag into the later game ...and I hope we see some offence at work even with some fine defensive play.

Pre-game is on! :smiley:

I expect a good defensive battle, but do hope both teams get their offence rolling. I feel Fred Reid will get lots of action and thus could very well be the difference should Winnipeg win. For Toronto; outside of their defense which always gives a fair amount of chances for Lemon to score points. I feel if Lemon does well on his reads and finds the open receiver when flushed out of the pocket will be the key for an Argo's victory. As for Buck Pierce; he's a strong competitor.

Damn. I think that was Toronto's best drive of the season. I hope no one missed it. :lol:

GREAT drive. Lemon went 5/5.

I shudder when Pierce takes off and puts his head down.

That should've been a sack. Sloppy tackling.

Fumble. Chance for Toronto to put more points on the board. Nice!

Man they gotta find a way to keep those helmets on.

The guys need to quit talking while the officials are calling a penalty.

Looks like they took your advice.

Would've preferred 14, but 10-0 is a good start. :thup:

Argos look good vs. the top defence. I'm glad they're giving Lemon a good going over in the locker room after that head-shot he took.

Bombers are playing hot potato. :lol:

Nice run by Reid.

Seriously. This is getting silly.

Also it looks like they need to turn some fans on, it's getting awfully foggy inside the dome.

Interesting we seem to be seeing both teams running a ball control style offence.

Glad they were able to hold Winnipeg to just 3.