Bombers @ Argos

Good luck Argo fans.

I hope it's a close game. The key for the Bombers will be to avoid giving up majors to the Argo D and ST's. While the Argos are going to have to find a way to manufacture points, as I don't think they can rely on their offence to put enough on the board.

Let's also hope the refs don't screw either side over in this one, we've seen enough of that already this season.

i predict Byron Parker returns a pick for a TD and that is the difference in the game.

argos win.

the more this game goes on, the more i think bishop cant get it done.

hes been blessed with an amazing defence who wins games for him and he gets the credit, but the guy cant move the chains, cant engineer a drive...its long bombs or nothing with this guy.

unless the argos go with damon, they will not win the grey cup.

sask or bc will murder them, if the argos are lucky enough to make it to the grey cup.

skydomes lookin packed for this one, Adriano Belli, best 'sack' of all time....

Good luck Argo Fans! Its slow up the half couple turnoers a punh in the nuts and a nice punt block to TD. Hope it picks up in the second :smiley:

bishop is garbage...week after week, he cant move the chains

yeah but Glenn once again came up with nothing in the red zone :frowning:

im just sick of reading and hearing about the argos 9-1 record with bishop starting, but most of those wins came from the effort of the defence, not bishop.

bishop only knows to throw bombs...thats it...whens the last time hes put together a drive of 10 yards, followed by 15 yards, followed by 10 then 25????...

its always...handoff, then bomb, then out.

its frustrating to watch, cuz the argo defence makes the other team to the same thing, so every argo game is just low scoring defensive battles.

last week against montreal was hard to this week.

every week, the argos are one of the worst teams to watch on tv, cuz every game lacks offence.

ok just a few points so far at ahlf time. glenn is moving the ball ok. and some failed cahcens for the bombers d. to looking bout the same.

just a question to all argo fans. How much do you pay the refs before the game. its been just brutal on winnipegs side. huge illegal block on stoddard on a punt with no call. on the next play ball clearly hits the ground and refs say the reciver made the catch. and on the last return on the missed field goal 77 makes a great block on a to defender and gets called for illegal block. like really how much do you guys pay the refs, these are all penealties that are blantant. i am not trying to find things to critize theu just hit me in the open.

even these CBC announcers agree with me...take Bishop out.

Bishop is not turning the ball over with interceptions and fumbles except for this game.

That's the requirement to be an Argos quarterback. Run the clock out and win on defense and special teams. Not fun to watch unless you're an Argos fan.

Toronto is simply trying to emulate NFL football. That way they figure they'll bring out the fans that like that kind of game and always complain about the CFL. :slight_smile:

torontos defence looks goooood.

if they EVER got thier offence moving, theyd be grey cup favorites fursure.

is it the argo d thats so good of fred reid that just isnt cutting it? i cringe everytime he gets the ball.

every argo drive is the same..handoff, then long bomb, then out.

over and over.

enough is enough...this is unwatchable.

put in the old man.

funny thing is, same with the bombers, lol!!!

but with the bombers, kevin glenn is thier ONLY option.

toronto has 2 more capable QBs.

off topic, im sick of that damn wendys commercial haha

'pray tell training naive, burgers in the freezer'

i dont understand that that a movie reference?