Bombers @ Argos - Rogers Ctr Swan Song

In terms of the standings it's a meaningless game but it would be good to put the Rogers Ctr era behind.

If anyone just wants to post on any fond SkyDome/Rogers Ctr memories, the thread can be used for that too....pending the site working of course :lol:

Fond memories for me is the Marvin Graves comeback against the Ti-Cats in '94 and for some reason, the Argos Wiggles playoff game of 2004.

Putting this Naylor article in this thread. Don't see a point starting a new one.

Reflecting on the past and looking in the future at BMO.

He understands that he has to [b]sell[/b] more than just football. He's got to [b]sell[/b] fun, he's got to [b]sell[/b] the experience of coming to an Argonaut game, from pre-game tailgating to the final gun. Going to an Argonaut game has got to become the exact opposite of what it was in the confines of the dome.
The real key in bold moving forward.

I will be there, and be very sad to to never go to skydome again. It bugs me that people will blame the dome for sucking the life out of CFL football. it has seen volatile fluctuations in attendance and experiences at the place but If nothing has changed about the venue, then all of the fault has to go on either or all of these, which do after all change:

Owners- creating a culture
Management(operations)- cultivating that culture, marketing/notoriety
Team- all of the above(some indirectly), on field success

That's the product(glossed over). The skydome can't be held accountable for that, if someone with John Candy's dedication were in charge skydome would be the best CFL house.

Any who, yeah.

+1 repost because he is a beaut

Looks like a small crowd.

Thought it would be bigger. Last game ever.

Hope the Argo fans step up next year in BMO.

Having said that , the Argos fans they do have , I have much respect.

They bring the passion and thunder.

Tor does have great CFL fans. Just need a little more of them.

My TV memory of SDome, was the jam packed, jacked up 1991 East Final.

Any of you Argo fans on this site, at that game care to mention the atmosphere ?

The stands are starting to fill in pretty good now, perhaps they were delayed going through RC's MLB security protocol with a rookie crew? The Argos haven't had much time to promote the game, they only knew they could even host the game until after the BJ's tanked.

The atmosphere for Argo games at Skydome can be electric, like the 35,000 raucous fans who attended the 2013 ESF, bolstered by thousands of Ticat fans. I'd project all Ticat games at BMO will be soldout next year. :wink:

Been in and out of the game. Did Nichols go down, or are the Bombers just giving this new guy a chance since their season's over?

D. Davis got the nod to start for Winnipeg on Wednesday. Toronto leads 12-7 at the half.

Gotcha. Thanks. :thup:

One interesting fact is getting to see a few different QB's in games on the final week of the regular season.
20-10 Toronto after the Bombers FG and Argo TD by Stala.

Interesting that so much was made of Ray starting and playing this game but he was replaced by Harris well before half time.

Enough doses of veteran Stala and the Kack attack to take the double blue to a 21-11 win. Will say that what I saw of Davis looked pretty good - but didn't see too much of the game.

Let's hope so, it's going to be a lot easier for Ticat fans to get to BMO. Lots of parking on that big parking lot in front of the stadium and that huge underground parking lot at the convention centre, plus them lost in Liberty Village. Also the VIA rail stops right at the stadium.