Bombers/Argos (part 2)

Well, the season's almost done (mercifully) with only two games to go, starting with the Argos rematch on Thursday. Can Hall build on his resume and become a viable solution at QB? Will Sims-Walker prove to be a big-time receiver in this league? Does Burke have any real chance of leading this team past the next two weeks? Those questions and more may well be answered in the final two weeks; the Bombers open 10 1/2 point underdogs.

So Kelly back in for MSW who has a swollen knee.

Kirk Penton @PentonKirk

Mike Sims-Walker has a swollen knee and won't play on Thursday. Also, RB Mario Fannin will dress.

Didn't take long for Sims-Walker to join the infirmary......he'll fit right in with the Bombers perfectly!

....Oh this an epidemic/// orrrrr is there some angle being used to ward off Ottawa....They see a guy who 'appears injury prone' and they look somewhere else... I can't believe we would try that tactic... :roll:...If this is just me being delusional about trying that ...then yes MSW does fit right in with us....... :lol:

Terrence Edwards also out this week with Wallace Miles drawing in to take his place.

I think the Argos were a bit surprised at some of the wrinkles Marcel put in the offense since they last met. This week will be about adjustments and which staff makes the right ones.

With as many adjustments that can be made with one day of practice for the week. I think that advantage lies with Toronto who probably gets in an extra day of work in this short turn around.

The Oline has been pretty much together for the past couple of weeks and Hall still got bounced around. It looks like Neufeld will be waiting to start fresh and healthy next season which is a good move.
Jarvis Jones has looked very good, January has been a fixture at an OT sopt for the BBs.
I would love to see the Bombers use someone even an import on the interior to improve protection put they just do not seem to have anyone so hopefully another week together will bring some continuity that will make the Unit better as a whole.

I see that they have placed the kid Fannin from Auburn on the roster this week. Had a nice career in the SEC at Auburn as part of the RB rotation over his career a lot of receiving yards during that time probably making him a third down specialist kind of guy at Auburn.
Two years on the NFL IR if healthy now he could be a nice 2 part of a RB combo for the BBs. Will be intersted to see him in action, he should be ready to go being with the BBs for a month

Whose brilliant idea was it to wear those gold jerseys with matching gold pants...... the blue socks are the only thing stopping me from gagging.

I don't really mind that too much, snap.

It's the pink socks, gloves, etc, that grate on my eyes.

Is it just me or is Aaron Kelly looking disinterested? Can't believe this is the same guy that we saw a few weeks ago.....

Three quick observations......

1-Wish Max Hall had the arm strength of Jason Bolthus
2-How opposing receivers can continue to be so wide open in the Bomber secondary is mind boggling
3-Can we please find a punter that can angle the damn ball out of bounds just once in a entire season of play

Won't bother whining about Kelly and the all-gold outfits since I've already got those out of my system. Only one more week of torture remains!

The worst part is knowing that the teams ahead of you aren't even that good, you're just that bad.

Creehan's defense is possibly one of the worst in the CFL since US expansion. For 3 games against Toronto Ray dinked and dunked him TO DEATH and he never adjusted. He's also a NUT. If you look at 12:44 of the second quarter of the last game against Montreal. He PUNCHED one of his players on the sidelines because he didn't warn him that a player on the field was coming towards him and they landed on him while he was screaming on his headset looking the other way. Like how insane is that. You punch a guy who is himself trying to get out of the way.

Bellefeuille didn't do miracles but at least the offense progressed. Creehan's defense has been in a straight line downwards and pretty much flatlined tonight.

Forgot to mention Burke's interview at halftime, where I thought he was going to reach for a knife and fork to devour the guy on the spot for asking him about all the penalties they took. Most intensity I've seen from a Bomber coach since Cal Murphy was blowing gaskets in the eighties.

That looked like a nice old man who's trying to contain RAGE. I think this season has taken a couple years off his life. He looks awful.

Yes, they'll be doing him a favour at season's end by letting him go so that he may enjoy football and/or life once again.

Burke is just another in a long line of DC's who will go down as a HC failure.