Bombers are such a JOKE

I can't believe this organization still has fans...

  • 0 Grey Cups in almost 20 years (in an 8 team league!)

  • Terrible, uncomfortable, obsolete stadium (ready to fall apart)

  • Lousy ownership (community ownership STINKS)

  • Pathetic team this year (they should be 1-9, at best)

  • Delusional fans (oh, the Bombers will win the Grey Cup this year eh?)

I cannot comprehend why some of you still buy tickets to Bomber football games.

Out of habit? Because your dad did? Because there's little else to do in Winnipeg?

Help me out here.

just because the team hasn't won a grey cup in 20 years and is bad this year doesnt mean fans should stop going to games.....they go to games because they love football and they love their bombers.....What are you suggesting? that they just stop going to games until the team wins a grey cup and then they start going to games again...?

I can't believe you keep bringing this tired topic up!

Nothing better to do?

No friends to keep you from doing this?

I can't comprehend why you do this...out of habit? Because your dad did? Because there's little else to do in your life?

Dear Jets, please crawl back under the little rock from whence you came...

Making the playoffs will be a miracle.

Jets are you sure your not Troy Westwood? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Jets is not Troy (out of favour)Westwood....He's been posting here off and on for a few years...He wants the Jets back in the Peg badly and hesitates to support his football team because of certain scenarios...He is right about the ownership ...i think we have to go private...No Cups in ions gives testament to that...HOWEVER...I will not support a return of the nhl in the Peg until the facility and ownership problem is settled with our ballers...So get on board Jets with your football team more of a fan....and you just might get some people who would support you in your quest for an nhl franchise (we shouldn't have lost the one we had) Priorities first...and that would be the Winnipeg Blue Bombers...

Nicely said Jorden and Papa, that is what i meant by fans WE DON'T NEED IN THE STANDS. Jets man, stay home and watch the Coyotes play for the next 20 years, who needs you? you will have to come down to reality eventually and see the NHL is a very LONG SHOT away. So STAND UP AND SUPPORT THE TEAMS WE HAVE.

Papa, nice to hear someone else has a head on their shoulders and realizes that PRIVATE is the way to go, i have said it alot and have proven my point with HARD FACTS, i still get the doubters (sanjay is one), but who cares? they will have to live with it when it happens, just hope us real fans snatch up all the tix when it happens and leave the garbage at home.

The bombers aren't a joke, their coach is. If he can't get proper players for underachievers, and his assiatants to call proper plays, or some decent kicking somebody has to go and in most cases it's the coach or his assistants. We will see after this week.