Bombers are not giving up; Still need O Line Help

With the Bombers not giving up it is still no secret that they need help on the O line. If Elliot is to perform against a better defense he will need better protection.
The norm is for teams to bring in import OT for the O Line so CFL roster are filled with import OTs which should leave some quality Import interior O Line man a guard or a center who have not found a job yet for the season. with Denmark banged up they brought Issac Anderson off the practice roster to start and he did Ok but so did Rory Kohlert a NI who was forced to action when Poblah went down with injury.
By far import receivers Edwards and Matthews are far ahead of the rest of the receiving corp. with Watson and Denmark 3 and 4. Would it be in the best interest of the Bombers to use young import kohlert in the slot opposed to Import Issac anderson along with Poblah out wide if he is still not injured or give two other young Import receivers Donefff or Ettiene a chance at being the 5th receiver and go with Pontbriand more time in going with a FB/TE as an extra blocker as Montreal does with Lavoi or like the Riders have done with Hughes to balance out the ratio enabling them to go with an Import Guard or Center.
It is no secret that Morley and/or Sorenson have been in Burkes doghouse so why not bring in an import to challenge or take their spot on the O line and give Elliot extra protection using NI FB/TE more while opening the door for young NI receivers Kohlert, Donneff, and Ettiene a chance to show what they have.
As long as Edwards and Mattews are in the line up at 1 and 2 at receiver the ball will be going their way a lot and Cory Watson is certainly a capable #3 receiver and is a NI.
What does everyone think of this idea?

Hamilton has gone this route on the O Line playing 3 imports 2 at OT and Hennesey at LG. The Bomber could do similiar especially if Denmark is out. NI FB/TE Pontbriand starting as their main set will also give extra protection and if Poblah is able to go NI Kohlert could take the spot of Pontbriand as the 5th receiver or as I said giving Doneff or Etienne a shot to play as Issac Anderson is really not a difference maker. Should Denmark be healthy enough to play however, there is a big difference between him and the NI reserve receivers but it may come down to a decision where a better O lineman may make a bigger difference than having Denmark in the starting lineup.
Even moving movig watson over to line up at TE may also be an option that could help with protection.

I'm not sure we have the guys to go to 3 imports on the Oline. Douglas is done for the year. I thought Taormina was ready to go but that they decided to stick with Boatman, but apparently he's on the 9 game IR? Regardless, even if he was an option he's had a lot of issues in pass protection. The only import they had left after one practice. If Taormina is indeed 9-gamed and that's not a mistake, then the bombers don't even have a back up import tackle for January and Boatman should either get hurt. They would need at least a full week to get another import Olineman up to speed before playing him every snap.

I'm a bit surprised they added another DB today though but nothing about another Dlineman coming in. Hall and Turner both got dinged up, Hall may not be able to go with his leg injury. I would've thought that they might bring in another body just in case. Maybe Gilmore or Thomas is ready to come back from injury if the need should arise.

Yes bringing in another DB is a little baffling especially since they just traded for Colclough and Knowlton may be coming back.
Whatever the case keeping Elliot better protected will make a huge difference.
With 4 games left it is hard to believe but BBs are only 2 points behind Hamilton and 4 behind Edmonton so as long as they are not Mathmatically eliminated yet they need to continue with the changes on offense from last game. Burke instructed Crowton to come out aggressive on offfense opposed to the Lapo instructions using the 1st qtr to set up things for the rest of the game. Montreal was baffled and with Green and Bratton out Calvillo really only had 2 receivers to go to in Richardson and London. Ni delauris is the 5th receiver coming in for Lavoi in 5 receiver sets had less than 10 catches going into the game and both Bowling and Guy have mostly been used on ST and both had under 200 yards receivng on the season

I'm really not sure they need a whole bunch of O line help. The Line has been steadily improving and played very well VS Montreal. Joey had plenty of time. And that was against a team leading the league in sacks...

That is true. With some of the O lineman in Burkes doghouse may be what they needed to put in that extra effort and the games they have remaing include another against Montreal at home in week 19 and another against Hamilton who they have done well against one against the Argos that for some reason do not have a good pass rush. They do have Calgary next week with Charleston Hughes a top DE in the league but using FB Pontbriand at TE may be enough to help. It is no secret that Elliot will be going to Mattews and Edwards, who even with all of the problems, are still among the league leaders in receiving.
Good Point

...We signed a BIG Import today ... o lineman James Carmon 6'5' 330....converted defensive tackle ..late cut of the Buffalo Bills...Headed for the pr.....Certainly worth a look...Also signed a qb. prospect...R.J. Archer...Are we setting ourselves up for Bucks eventual departure....?????? :roll:

Maybe Burke was thinking what I was thinking and that if guys like Morely and/or Sornenson continue to be in Burkes doghouse they have probably figured out that they really do not have any Canadian Lineman available to the team that could take their place but there are a lot of import lineman who can and the Bombers do have some flexibilty with the ratio especialy if they begin using more TE sets with Pntbriand and if Kohlert and some of the other back up NI receivers may have a connection with Elliot as often time back up QBs and Back Up receivers do.
If they should win at home this week, which is not out of the question as they have played well at home, then this would give the Import lineman a week to work with the first unit and see how he looks

Going to be a tough game. Two big injuries at receiver and dline.

Apparently both Watson and Poblah are out with Kohlert as the lone starting canadian receiver. Kurt Adams comes into the lineup as the extra receiver. Also Edwards will be slowed by a sore foot.

Hall and Turner both out on the Dline. Kashama starts at one spot to make up for the loss of the NI on the offense, gilmore comes off injury to take the other open Dline spot.

I think Adams showed well in camp and preseason, big receiver. But the biggest effect the injuries will have is on the Dline. Losing the top 2 sackers will hurt the rush on Glenn who can be rattled with a good rush. Will need the other guys to step up big time.

Any team would feel the loss of Hall & Turner, but we do have some depth there. I would not be surprised to see Vega have another big game (or Mainor), and Gilmoure was impressive the little I've seen of him. I think we'll be fine there (hopefully).