Bombers are just an awful football team. Period.

There are no excuses. There is no to blame. Not the coach. Not injuries.

This is simply a dreadful, dreadful football team. Period.

It's said that sometimes the simplest reason is the best one. That couldn't be more true in this case.

Everybody knows you are a troll and don't really care what you say.

That's not true blue_dragoon. I'm a sweet, kind man and I hate wasting my time. Being a "troll" is waste of time.

I merely offer my educated opinion.

People are searching for excuses... searching for people to blame... looking for answers as to why the Bombers have played so horribly.

But the simplest reason is usually the best explanation. And in this case that's true.

The Blue Bombers are a dreadful football team.

We get your point but if you were offering your "Educated Opinion" you wouldnt be spamming it across the forums. Please stop its becoming quite old, we catch your drift...

I'm not gonna lie to you, I quite enjoy reading it.

Now I really like this guy!

I guess you didnt see last years version then or did you jump off the bandwagon on them to......wait until we are healthy again before you start in, the defence is still one of the best in the league even if the offense is s#cking.

and are on the field for 3/4 of every game. u notice that when Glenn was in there that we had a good TOP stat, and when we were utilizing roberts in the first half and we were winning the TOP battle, that our defence was shutting down everybody. but when we stopped utilizing roberts, and let Quinn continue to give the ball away, our defence gave up 18 points.

another example is against hamilton, Glenn was out, banks couldnt get any drives going, our defence got wore out. its as simple as that, once Glenn and stegal come back, we can get drives going, and our defence will be HUGE again.

so in all reality, it really is that simple, its not just the fact that we suck, its the fact that our back up QB's suck. other then that were pretty good.

but hey, if u want to keep on expecting the worst and covering urself up from other posters, or getting disapointed when they lose by saying we are a bad team, then go for it. all it shows us is that ur weak and cant take it or stick with your team. im guessing u have huge commitment issues in your life Jets?

well i guess he is kind of smart by doing this, he gets to enjoy the wins, and not get disapointed when we lose. or even have more fun when we lose by bashing our team.

Hey, other fans of the CFL, if you really like Jets, TAKE HIM IN! then he will have a reason to insalt the Bombers and be hated by everyone like EE is now.

ive been saying this all year the bombers arent that good their based on 3 guys

You could basically say that about any team in the league....except maybe Hammer.

So are you trying to say that 5 of the 8 teams in this league are all dreadful? Only 3 teams have have better records.

I too enjoy it.. Especially going into labourday :wink:

Bombers = Dreadful?

Eskimos = ????

If you take a starting QB and the best receiver out of any CFL lineup, they will lose games. Of course there are exceptions to that rule(BC Lions), but take Ray and Tucker out of the Eskimo lineup and see how well they do, same goes for Burris and Copeland in Calgary. There are some solid back-ups in this league, but Quinn was not one of them.

And… it was not just 2 players (Glenn & Stegall) try 2 starting olinemen (which has really hurt) and 2 starting DBs…that is 6 regulars out, almost 25% of your starting line up, only a really deep team can still be successful under those conditions.

...thread title should read...BOMBERS ARE JUST AN AWFUL GOOD FOOTBALL forgot a word there..bunky.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now dad sit down you have to be careful with your blood pressure!!! :lol:

...okay son.......the announcement today that Charlie and Milt are back next game has relieved some of the pressure...but it will go off the end if we drop the next one to the Riders....hopefully i can reduce the anxiety on Sunday...... :rockin: :lol:

Remember what the doctor ordered! Take two cheerleaders after the game and this will relieve you of any pressure. Well except when mom finds out! :lol: