Bombers are in the show!

Thank You Eskies (when have I ever said that before in my life?!)! The Bombers are now in the playoffs. Now if the team from the first part of the season would show up again, they may still make it to the Grey Cup. If a 34 year playoff streak can end, well anything can happen this year I think!

...i believe we still have a loooooong- shot at second...oh yeah thanx Esks...hope you enjoy the off-season we have been enjoying the last couple of sure feels good to get to play in the post-season....FOR A CHANGE :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dam this feels good. Congrats to our amazing Blue and Gold. Good to see we are in the playoffs and now with some of our old starters back which mad eout team look so good in the first place. Watch the blue and gold are on the move.

I want to put my playoff voucher to good use, go get second bombers!