Bombers aquire QB from Al's

"According to CFL Insider Dave Naylor of The Globe and Mail, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made their second trade in two days, dealing a pair of non-import defensive linemen, Riall Johnson and Shawn Mayne to the Montreal Alouettes for quarterback Ricky Santos.

Mayne is a four-year Bomber and Montreal native. Johnson played the previous five seasons for Toronto before being swapped last off-season in a deal that brought Zeke Moreno to Toronto.

The Bombers made the moved a day after picking up import defensive end Odell Willis from Calgary, along with receivers Titus Ryan and Jabari Arthur.

It is believed the Bombers discussed moving disgruntled middle linebacker Barrin Simpson as part of the deal but opted not to include him in the trade.

CFL Insider Dave Naylor is a reporter for The Globe and Mail and appears regularly on TSN The Reporters.

So Santos becomes number 10 on the QB carousel? Unfortunately, this probably marks the end of Bryan Randall. Would've like to see him get a start and not just a few snaps after the game is outta reach and the other teams D has been playing like gangbusters for 3 plus quarters.

Riall johnson was a bit of a disappointment, looked terrible for the most part when noticeable vs mtl, been hurt or so it seems most of this year, was hoping for more from him when he came over from Tor in exchange for Moreno.

Shawn Mayne is a surprise. Seemed like a versatile special teamer and spot player on the D-line, not great but a canadian that was a useful backup.

Who's next?

Seems to me Johnson's been pretty much of a disappointment wherever he's been. . .

JUST IN...Santos looks really good in practice, picked up the kelly offense in 20 minutes. Kelly says he picks things up quick, gets rid of the ball fast and will start on Sunday against the Argos.

Anyone have any information on Santos? I'd like to be optimistic that he might be a good QB one day, but was picking up a fourth stringer really the best we could do? I hope Kelly at least tried to go after a guy like Leak or Tafralis. Oh well, it's not like we gave up a ton for him -- Johnson was disappointing and Mayne was useful but not really necessary. Let's see what he can do.

...McPherson would have been my choice...I don't know anything about Santos....but if he looks good...say goodbye to Randall for sure...I'm surprised they haven't released him already... :roll:

hey, I would have loved to have seen Johnson and Mayne for Tafralis. You've seen what he can do as well and we could use a couple N/I DL. Oh well. Here's one of the couple TD passes of his.

He'd have been my choice too papa, from an Als' perspective. . . if you'd give me two non import D lineman for a guy who's going to walk as a F/A next season. . .

...i don't think Popp will have anything to do with letting McPherson fly the coop...He looks pretty solid to me....I think AC is going to slow down at some point and McPherson is the next go to guy....Just my perspective....I bet Kelly tried to pry him off of the Als. roster but Popp would have none of it......If in fact the deal would've included Simpson...may have been a litle more incentive....however ...for some reason it couldn't happen... :roll: :roll:

..Now what's the lo-down on Santos....everyone seems to be avoiding the question....what are you guys hiding :lol:

Didn't somebody around these parts have a dog named Santos ?

I think he was an Als fan too, buddy of red&whites.

Are we sure we got an actual person in this trade ?

Maybe Kelly was looking for another act in his three ring ?

Can't help you there papa. . . never seen the kid play. . . so I'm avoiding the question simply because I have no way of answering it. . .

I believe MacPherson is the future starter in Montreal and I also believe it'll be a good move for the franchise.

I don't agree with this trade...and I don't agee with yesterdays trade with Calgary. Desparation????? How about Brown then Reid!! Why not maybe they can land another 4th stringer off someones roster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least you didn't draft a dead guy. :wink:


Santos...isn't that a mint?

.....LET ME SEE.......Santos.....sounds Spanish/American......Calvillo.....definitely Hispanic lines.....Heh .. we've got another AC......Am i stretching a bit :roll:
Seriously...If he hasn't thrown a ball in camp for the come we were so interested....somebody ,somewhere must have seen the kid do something up here....good grief... :roll:

Who said he hasn't thrown a ball in camp. The Als thought enough of him to "hide" him on the IR (what the heck type of toe injury could possibly keep a guy on the IR for the entire season).

Speaking of the QB situation, surprisingly fair article by Paul Friesen

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url] could be right blood....but all of the Als. fans are pleading ignorance as far as the kid goes...Not one has said A THING ....maybe his appearances at their camps or work-outs are too far off in the past to recall...Just seems a little strange....they usually keep pretty good 'book' on their prospects... :roll: :roll:

Here’s the wiki on him

Pretty impressive in college…13000+ yards and over 100 tds…

can’t be worse than what we had here, can he?