bombers aquire Kelly Malveaux

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers strengthened their defensive secondary today with the acquisition of defensive back Kelly Malveaux from the Montreal Alouettes.
The Bombers received the rights to Malveaux in exchange for a sixth round (43rd overall) pick in today’s CFL college draft.

“We’ve been interested in Kelly Malveaux for a long time, ever since he was playing in Calgary,� Bombers G.M. Brendan Taman said. “He is a consummate professional and he will greatly enhance our secondary.�

Malveaux (5-9, 185, Arizona ’97, DOB: May 11, 1976 in Bellflower, Calif.) has spent six seasons in the CFL.

He began his CFL career in 1999 as a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders following stints with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe.

Following a tryout with the New England Patriots in 2000, he spent the spring of 2001 with the Orlando Rage of the now-defunct XFL before joining the Calgary Stampeders in July of that year.

Malveaux spent three seasons (2001-03) with the Stamps before being traded to Montreal in exchange for current Bombers cornerback Omar Evan on Jan. 26, 2004.

He appeared in all 18 of Montreal’s regular season games in 2005, registering 63 defensive tackles, one quarterback sack, five special teams tackles and nine pass knockdowns.

ha ha were looking even better with malveaux, and hebert added to an already good D!

...the guy brings a lot of expereince....seems we are really stocking up ....AND getting serious about being a contender this year.....yessssssssss. :slight_smile: :arrow:

Malveaux is overrated, I can’t see him helping you that much. After all, it only took a sixth round pick to get him…you get what you pay for. He had a bad season in Montreal last year…he’s no shutdown cover guy, that’s for sure.

Jelous?? :lol:

Not in the least.....look at my posts in the Montreal section from a week or so ago...I was saying that Crutchfield and Malveaux should be dispensed with. This is not hindsight at all.....

anything helps our D from last year

well thats the first guy to try and take a stab at degrading the bombers. seems like everybody hates us and will say whatever, wherever, whenever to try and make our team look like its bad. if u wernt putting us down and saying we already had an amazing secondary im sorry i got the wrong impression. cuz for anyone to be to good for this guy, their secondary must be NFL caliber.

James I really cannot tell from your post if that was aimed at me or at BlueBombers......

If me, I did not intend to slag your team in the least; I am, first and foremost, a CFL Fan. Yes the Als are 'my team', with Hamilton a strong second since I was born there, but I don't downgrade any team, I like them all because I Love CFL football, and always have.

Now, if you were taking a shot at BlueBombers, cut him some slack. The point he was making, and I think it's a point well taken, is that while I said Malveaux is not worth much, Winnipeg's defense last year was the worst in CFL history, so any help is welcomed. I cannot argue with him on that. The stats bear it out that it was the worst defence, but the moves the team has made (Simpson and Marshall in particular) will, I think, produce significant improvement. My only point is that I don't see Malveaux as being much of an improvement over who is already there. But hey, he only cost you a 6th round pick, so what the heck.

personally..........I never cared for the man either.......however he brings some grit and attitude to our defence that is sorely needed.......if anything he gives us more options, which is a good thing, and didnt cost a whole lot.......another shrewd move by Taman............

all i got to say to madjack is your team is going to stink the reason i say this is Berry the one who taught calvillo everything he knows is gone ur losin ur defence to everyone so good luck making the playoffs body and ur team has not made any free agent moves and if they have its been no names except for kharikhari he is probably kicking himself now that he looks at our defence with the best linebackers simpson.hebert.and woodson and now we are getting better in DB department look out great OLINE best recieving core great running back so the only weak part is QB maybe i am wrong about the QB but i don't think Glenn is all that good but then again he was out for almost half the season.

I had always thought Calgary had the best LB crew, but with George White out for the year it is very possible that Winnipeg's LB crew will be the best this year, I grant you that. Simpson, Woodson, and Hebert is a good lineup. Had to love Berry's quote about Hebert's legal difficulties in the USA.....something along the line of "all I want him to do is play football, I don't want him dating my daughter"

Anyway I agree the Bombers will be improved this year....but, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, jdawg, it's a receiving CORPS, not a receiving "core". And yours isn't the best in my opinion. Edmonton's, Montreal's, BC's, Calgary's, and Toronto's rank ahead of Winnipeg at this point, I'd say.

As for your QB, I don't know, I always liked Glenn...we'll see how he does will a full season under Berry's tutelage.

Now here's the odd thought of the day....

My current fiancee has only been in Canada for four years, and the first year she started watching CFL football (you can't get along with me unless you are prepared to love CFL football), Saskatchewan had this glut at QB with Burris, Glenn, Greene, and Butler, and you just knew one or more had to go; so here we are a few years later and the only one left in Saskatchewan is Butler, who never gets to play.

If you had bet me money on that a few years ago you could be rich!!!!!

...well MadJack....I only have a simple reply to your assessment of us acquiring Malveaux....if you thought that it really is no particular gain to the Bombers... and the deal dosen't mean very much....what was the move the ALS. made in acquiring Pylon Greene...I know its not the topic here...but can you explain that one....I think it makes our deal for Kelly LOOK GOOD... :wink:

NO ARGUMENT at all, papa....see my various comments about Pylon Greene in the Montreal threads...that deal makes no sense to me at all.....Als already have Calvillo, Brady, Carter, Roberson and two rookies; what the heck they want with Greene I fail to fathom....

Same with moving Vaughn to Hamilton........those Cats are going to be heard from this year!

....those sneaky Cats keep getting better and better.....they'll be tough...and a force to reckon with....It's gonna be interesting in the east ..MadJack....very interesting... :roll:

well according to some he was.........

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Oh yea and about the recieving "Corps", We "Landed" :stuck_out_tongue: Flight 87... Tough for you. If we get colon back too.

This year I think everyone agrees we have parity right across the board, certainly more than we've had in a long time. Here's an interesting thought....Montreal is Montreal; Hamilton and Winnipeg have improved big time....maybe Toronto will be last in the east this could happen, especially if Allen goes down for any length of time................

yah allan is old, and avery showed flashes last season, but still failed to become a good back. they also have an aging defence.

TO oline is pathetic.......cant block or open holes for their backs......they live and die by the pass......if Damon stumbles, it is going to be a long year for them.......their defence is also getting older and slower......they are vulnerable to the run and as Montreal showed in Eastern final are not impossible to pass against any longer......they could slide down the standings further then expected this season.....

ya, i think so to piggy