Bombers announce trade right now with Calgary

Bryant and Franklin to Calgary. Titus Ryan, dlineman and another player coming to Peg

Other playerss are Jabarai Arthur (can receiver) and Dlineman Odel Willis

I hope the other player is Jabari Arthur cause that's the only thing that makes sense trading Arjei Wow!

Don't be surprised to see Winnipeg deal Arthur to Montreal for a QB

I like this trade for the Bombers.

I think there is more to this trade.

Bombers got a kick returner in Titus Ryan. One problem solved.

I would like to see Bishop dealt to a decent team.

You know in the first quarter there were two drops and an interception (Bryant). Those 3 errors changed the stats on Bishop from what would have been close to a 200 yard first quarter to shiat.

According to Stegall, Bryant has wanted out of Wpg since TC and Franklin was going to leave in fa next season, so, this deal looks even better for the Bombers.

To me it doesn't look like a good deal. I see this as more players not buying into Kelly and his philosphy. Those players wanted out. I wonder if these players wanted to stay, if they would have been traded at all. How come they can give away Franklin for nothing, but Simpson sits on the sidelines.

i wont judge this move until i see how it works out for both teams... one thing that is now clear the bombers are building for the future and for next season... we have some big problems in certain positions and at least they are trying to adress these needs... with the way weve been losing they have to start making moves to at least show they are trying to fix the problems or the media and fans would crazy!

titus ryan - promising reciever prospect, good kick returner... is an upgrade from romby bryant (the way he was playing here)
romby may be revived now and turn out really good for calgary but it was clear he was all but done with the bombers so this plays well for both teams i think

man i dont like the idea of trading franklin though... we will have to wait and see how this new NI turns out for us.. but enjoy arjeh calgary, he is a good player and a good person!

i dont know too much about odel willis but with perry out and our lack of d-line pressure it doesnt hurt to bring in depth and competition...

i see this as the start of several moves over the next little bit... and to be honest i wouldnt mind seeing bishop traded to add depth to a contender in return for an up and comer at whatever position... plus itd free up cap and allow us to bring in more qb prospects to try out this season and in the offseason to hopefully help this team progress into the future

....Franklyn was a surprise.....Bryant ...not so much....glad to see the back of him....He'll now start playing for the stumps...mark my words..and give Burris another weapon....Arjei was leaving because he didn't like the extended contract offer made to him at the beginning of the year....My question is????why did it take so long to get these guys out of town knowing they didn't want to play in the Peg.....One answer i guess would be that it took that long to find a suitable deal...Thelwell going down for the stamps last game could have been the trigger...Bryant will fill the bill nicely for the huffer....They are definitely looking at 'short term'...Bryant is pushing 30

..The ni receiver we got in trade is a great prospect...Jabari Arthur ..27....nice size and seems to have a very good future...along with Hargreaves ...we are fielding some BIG targets

Titus Ryan.....good returner...certainly better than what we have....Johnson was looking better every game...however i didn't like the fact we were using a very good db. for the spot

Odell Willis will put pressure on the qbs....something we are not getting a lot of now....

All in all ...Bombers win this trade long-term....and at least i have some players to assess for the rest of the you one reason to become a little optimistic.....

I have a feeling we are not done trading yet....A quarterback of note should be on the horizon major part of this teams future very much up in the air...I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly isn't still on the line to a few teams....which brings up the question....WHO will the BIGBLUE deal next....stay tuned.... :roll: :roll:

Obviously Huff and Cal management could see that Bryant`s poor year was based mostly on the circus atmosphere in Winnipeg. Good for them for seeing through that!!!

Not a good deal for Winnipeg. It makes no difference who plays on this team. Kelly and his offensive system are failures. I would give the edge on Huff when making trades. He is better judge of talent then Kelly or that flop Bauer. We will be lucky if we win another game during 2009 season. The 2010 season will start with Kelly as coach. It will be another disastrous season.

No matter who wins this trade, Kelly still has the keys to the vette. But now its full of dents and the engine is smoking...might as well let him finish it off.

How are they fixing the problem. We all know what the real problem is. A coach who is a joke with a checkered past. A President who has overstayed his welcome.

And a board of director who's happy with the Bauer and says his hiring decisions are none of their bizness. Ultimately they are letting this happen. Nothing short of a massive drop off at the gate will get their attention.

Bryant looked disinterested, didn’t fight for balls. Someone commented on his age, but at 29 he’s only a year older than Bramlet. With Burris being able to push the ball downfield, he’ll be much happier and more productinve in Calgary.

Franklin hasn’t repally played this year, looked good in training camp and early but. Sounded as if he has been ready to play for a few weeks now but hasn’t been activated from the 9 game due to salary cap constrictions. Other people have suggested he will leave after this year, maybe because of the way management has treated him. Would not be surprised since they have had a few public issues with the handling of players from day one Kelly came aboard (Glenn, Picard, Goodspeed, Gauthier, Bates, Joe Smith, Armstrong, Simpson). I’m split on the decision to trade him. Seemed like he would have been a solid contributing canadian on the roster and was looking forward to seeing if he could contribute. But he’s had some injury issues over the years and maybe this will get Hargeraves more time and he’s looked good in limited time.

Wilis with 6 sacks should help the D hopefully and maybe free up Doug Brown from some double teams. Dorian Smith and Donny O seemed to have lost some steam from a good start, and Riall Johnson seemed ineffective today. They have missed Perry since his injury.

Ryan and Arthur, maybe they can help but Calgary has a good receiving corp beset by injuries. The fact they think these guys could not step in and play a role is concerning. Especially on a team that seems lost in the passing game still, a couple of young receivers calgary seems to be ready to give up on offers little hope. Only hope i have is that I’m wrong and one or both develop into fine receivers.

You can't compare a QB and receiver when it comes to age. The age range for a receiver who is in his prime is different from a QB. I was at CFL looking at rosters, the Als have 2 receivers who are 30 or older (Cahoon and Watkins). The Esks have none. The Riders have 2 (Clermont and Armstead). The Stamps have 5 now (Copeland, Howell, Thelwell, Rambo and Bryant). QBs take longer to develop so their prime years are later than a receivers.